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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sick Days

Have ya'll ever been struck down with cold-like symptoms so fast that you honestly thought you were dying? Yea? No? Me neither...

Maybe dying is an exaggeration but it sure does feel like my throat is being scraped with rusty nails. Lovely depiction there, I know. So as I sit here poppin' pills and paying bills (because #payday #praiseJesus), I realized that we have a busy few months ahead of us. Exciting things, folks!

one:// This weekend, our youth will be assisting in church cleanup for our upcoming Homecoming event at the church. We're celebrating 150 years of life. Look at little ole Antioch being a party animal!

two:// Shameless plug here - We've got quite a few fundraisers coming up to help raise money for our students to go to FUGE camp again next summer. Remember all the fun we had this past summer? If you are wanting to help us, we would love prayers! Prayers that our students' hearts will be molded and softened until it's time for us to leave again in July. Prayers that God will provide for each and every student that wants to go, to have the opportunity to. If you would like to donate to our camp fund, check out our account at Go Fund Me. Thank in advance for all the support and love!

three:// I realized last night that Hunter and I sort of, need to, gotta make plans for Thanksgiving. It'll be here before we know it!

four:// I'm trying to figure out how to construct (not buy) a wheel that will spin and land on different things. At our Fall Festival coming up at the end of October, the youth will have a booth to raise money for camp (I know, imagine that). I want to do a carnival type theme and basically you can spin the wheel to land prizes. One of them being the opportunity to smack their youth pastor (Hunter, not me) in the face with some good ole pie.

five:// Anybody have any training recommendations for a stubborn blue tick hound that refuses to use the bathroom all day when he's outside and then come in to promptly hike his leg on my rug? Yes, we could take him to the front yard once we get home but that requires us monitoring him and making sure he doesn't terrorize the neighborhood kids because #thatsfun. He's doing this on purpose too, he's mad about something because he's only started this in the last couple of days. Not freakin' happenin' captain. I've already told Hunter, unless we move somewhere with land, no more big dogs! That hate rampage only lasts for about 10 seconds then I'm right back to loving on Jep. 5-second rebound woman right here.

You can't help but love that face

And then there's our perfect child. Except for when it comes to door frames. And blinds.

Have a beautiful Wednesday my friends! I'm about to go pop more pills, lay in bed all day, and watch Pretty Little Liars. I know, I'm ashamed I've allowed myself to become addicted to this mess.

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  1. aw Kel!! I hope you feel better soon! While there IS something really great about staying in bed all day and watching your fave show, feeling like death is totally not great. XO

  2. Ah, feel better girl!! Get the sick out now because you have a busy few months ahead!! And I've never watched Pretty Little Liars, but I feel like I should. I've never hear anything bad about it!! :)

  3. ugh yes. I was in BED ALL DAY yesterday with a bug. No fun. Hope you feel better!