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Monday, October 19, 2015

Gratefulness + Mickey + Minnie

Happy first day of Special Session C to me and my fellow employees! Let's knock this one out of the way and enjoy the holidays before the next big Sessions starts in the Florida Legislature. Life never slows down does it?
Talking about speediness of life... WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD THIS WEEKEND!!!!
Did ya'll catch that? I'm a bit excited and I can barely contain it. My poor husband has heard all things Disney lately. Ha! #sorrynotsorryhoney
Naturally, I would be pink and he would be blue
Today I'm so grateful for opportunities to be able to take trips like this upcoming one with my hottie boyfriend. I mean, I could be sitting on a log and still be happy if it's with him. But we're very excited to be able to get away this weekend to celebrate our marriage. I honestly cannot believe it's been a whole year! Time flies when you're having fun.

Not to get too mushy on this Monday (it'll happen next Monday) but I'm so beyond lucky, thankful, and humbled to be married to Hunter. His passion for Christ and life, his deep-rooted love for others... It's just awesome that I get to experience it with him. I thank God daily, and twice on Sunday's, for Hunter.
Now off to the races I go! Wish me luck on this wild first day of sessions...

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  1. Having young daughters, I've found that I've become a bit of a Disney afficianado. Have to say that I don't think they're ever released anything better than "The Princess and the Frog". I know La pretty well and they Just. Got. Everything. Right. Have a great day at work!

  2. These posts make my week, even if I'm way late and reading on a Saturday (: Have fun with your hot boyfrand (: