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Monday, December 14, 2015

2016's Word: Embrace

This past year was the first time I had decided to use a simple word to hold fast to, a cornerstone for the year so to speak. There were moments I was able to practice the art of being reserved and only speaking when necessary; other times, word vomit was the name of the game. But overall, I wanted 2015 to be a year of learning how to guard my heart with Truth and Love.
There were moments throughout the year where I wondered if I was guarding my heart too much, and not allowing myself to feel in relationships with certain folks. I decided it was wise to continue to guard my heart in such a manner, and looking back now, I'm so glad I did.
I wanted 2016 to be a little bit different though. For the upcoming year, I want to practice the EMBRACING change.

For some reason, I can just feel change on the horizon. Whether it's good or bad, I'm not sure. But it's as if my soul is itching and aching for those winds of change to be here now. It's almost as if He is preparing my heart for the journey ahead. Thus, the year of RESERVING my heart made way to the year of EMBRACING the change that God will be bringing about, allowing me to be able to endure it. Survive it. Appreciate it.
Change may be coming to mine and Hunter's personal lives, our ministry, work, family, friends... It really could be anything at this point. No matter what, we'll always be leaning onto Him and His sovereign ways with the knowledge and faith that He is loving and good. Hunter gave an example to our students a few weeks ago about what change feels like:
"We're like iron, hot in the fire, and God is the blacksmith. He's heating us up, allowing us to go through change, feeling the burn and pain. Then, He pulls us out, molds us, hammers us into a new image so that we may be sharper and more efficient. Don't lose hope while you're in the fire - God's about to do something miraculous to you."
What are you waiting for 2016? Let's EMBRACE all that you are and all that you'll be.

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  1. PERFECT word :) Gosh, I love it. It's something I really should be remembering to do as well!

  2. Ok I feel like we were JUST talking about your 2015 word. did this year go by so quickly?! Love your 2016 word! Awesome how perfectly your words compliment each other.

  3. That is a fantastic word!! I'm still trying to figure out what my word will be....I'm bouncing around between Grace, Patience, and Fully. Praying it comes to me so I can properly focus on it from the get-go.