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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Let's brag on Him for a bit...

About a month ago, Hunter and I started a simple little ministry: providing gently used clothes to those who are in need through donations made my many people. A very simple concept really.
A simple ministry with a simple concept has become one of the most HUGELY humbling experiences for the both of us, thanks to the Big Man.
All we've ever wanted to be are the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus. A lot of that has been done through building relationships with people, loving them despite their human ways, because we're no better or different. So when God used those relationships to grow this simple ministry, we were mind blown. And honestly, we are still being mind blown each day.
His perfect ways of providing the means and resources to supply this ministry have been nothing short of amazing. His perfect ways of providing the avenues to reach those who are in need have been nothing short of amazing. His perfect ways of providing deserve all the glory and honor. We're just the messengers.
I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude and love enough through my meager words but I can do this: thank you to those who have donated and supported this ministry in all your wonderful ways. Thank you for wanting to see the work of Jesus continue on. Thank you for allowing us to share His love, because of your love.
If you have gently used clothes that you are looking to get rid of, please contact me or Hunter. We will humbly and graciously take those garments off your hands. Know that your donations are truly helping others. Know that God is receiving ALL of the glory because of your heart.

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  1. This post brought tears to my eyes. Honestly, passing on clothing has always had a special place in my heart--I'm one of 7 kids and free hand-me-downs were how we stayed clothed when we were growing up, and when those handmedowns were actually of really nice quality and were 'stylish', that was all the better! Because of that, I've made giving my clothes away to people who I know could use them instead of selling them off when I'm done a priority, just because I know what a blessing that can be. When my husband and I moved overseas, I gave everything that didn't fit in my suitcase to my college-students sisters and teenage cousins (who are also in the place of never getting clothes unless they're given for free), and it brings me such a smile when I see them at special Christmas parties dressed up in my best dresses--after I've already been away nearly two years. It's amazing what a blessing even something as simple as free clothing can be!

  2. That's awesome, Kelly! How cool that you started that! How do you find families to donate them to?