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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#12MofBliss - January recap + {Distractions}

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Last week, I kindly shared some pictures with ya'll of our little Disciple Now weekend from a few weeks ago. The lesson for the weekend was somewhat goofy because #teenagers, but the overall message was something that resonated deep for me.
The purpose of this lesson was to really encourage our students and each other to dissect our own lives and find what is distracting us from our relationship with God, if we even have a relationship. I couldn't even begin to list the ways I was distracted from Him. I had fallen so far off the beaten path of my spiritual walk, I honestly didn't even know where to begin.
As we journeyed through the study, we found that some distractions can be good distractions. Things like nature and admiring the Creator's creations (remember, admire the Creator not the creation) can be a good distraction because in the end, you're still praising Him for His glory and wonders. What about those other distractions? Here were a few that I found to be distractions in my life that keep me from spending time with God and deepening my relationship with him:
  • Netflix -- let's be honest, it's a really hard distraction to peel away from
  • Busyness -- I have a really hard time sitting still and just being - I have to always be doing something
  • Church stuff.

That last one was actually really hard for me to admit to as a distraction. Now let me explain myself before I get all you church-goers' panties in a wad (what movie is this from?)... I fully believe Church (as in the body of Christ, believers in Christ) is a very important and necessary aspect of growing one's faith. We need to have fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. We need to challenge each other with theological ideas and debates, all done in love. We need to come together regularly to ready ourselves for the world around us.

When I say "church stuff" I'm talking about the mundane, ritualistic, religion-practices side of things. I'm talking about the endless meetings where people sit and talk about "what they're going to do", but nothing is ever actually done. I'm talking about the church stuff that really doesn't GO OUT and share the Gospel (thus making disciples) and just meets once a month to eat and talk about what you've done (get that gold star!) and what you're wanting to do in the future (but we all know it's not going to happen, unless it involves feeding you food). I know some of ya'll are reading this and can feel your blood pressure rising. No worries, feel free to call me out on my shortcomings - I can take it.

So I found that I had somehow allowed that one thing to become my biggest distraction. And I knew I needed to do some spring cleaning. Since ridding myself of that distraction, I have been able to see an almost immediate turnaround. I've been allowing myself to meet with brothers and sisters in Christ in so many different ways. Through bible studies, small groups, prayer buddies, spending a Saturday to do ministry, reading, etc. I have found ways to not only fill my empty spiritual well, but have the ability to begin pouring it back into those around me. I can feel Him saying, "Alright girl. Now you're getting back into the groove. You've got quite a ways to go, but you're doing it sister" (yes, God's my homeboy #peacefingers). I'm finding that by doing these things, I'm being intentional with my spiritual walk. I'm realizing that I can't just sit back and wait for different things to pour into me. Sometimes, we have to go and seek it because isn't that what we should be doing anyways? Always seeking Him?

I have been working on cutting Netflix down, and saying no to things to reduce my busyness. I'm learning that it really is okay (and necessary) for me to just sit, and be, and hang with God.

What are some things distracting you from seeking Him? I seriously challenge each of ya'll to take stock of where things are in your life and your spiritual walk. It really is a humbling experience. I'd like to think I've fully accomplished my goal of making my spiritual walk just right. But I know that this goal of ridding my life of distractions will take time, and pain, and tears, and triumphs to be celebrated. For now, I'm celebrating that I'm covered in His grace entirely.

Ember Grey Twelve Months of Bliss

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