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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I will praise You always

I feel like God really doesn't get enough credit in this world. In fact, I know He doesn't. When things go wrong, people are quick to blame, question, and doubt. But boy when things go right, the me-god is praised and the Big Man gets some credit.
Even in the roughest waters and darkest valleys, God deserves all the glory and praise. I strive to see the silver lining in everything, simply because of the Hope I have.
+ We finally received some answers and an action plan for my MIL's cancer. Starting this summer, she will undergo treatments that (we hope) will knock this type of cancer out for good. Even though the end results aren't guaranteed, we're praising God for this new option.
+ Opportunities to further yourself in your career and education are blessings. Not everybody has the luxury to attend college right out of high school and obtain their dream degree. Heck, college isn't for everybody. But when you work hard in your career, while taking classes when you can, the pay off is so much deeper {speaking from personal experience}. So thankful for Hunter's company and their desires to invest in him and help him grow career-wise and educationally.
+ This life is nothing more than a vapor in the grand scheme of things. We insist on celebrating life and all that it entails. So grateful to have celebrated another year of my dad's life yesterday.
+ Although we have no idea where God wants us, what He has planned for us, we're resting in His peace and sovereignty. Just the fact that we're resting is something to be grateful for. In the midst of resting in the here and now, our spiritual walks have grown immensely. Our hunger for His word has returned with a vengeance, and we've remembered the beauty in seeking Him rather than seeking the approval of others. We do have to say though - thank you, thank you, thank you to brothers and sisters in Christ who have held us accountable, who have encouraged our spiritual walks, and have prayed for us. Please know that we cannot begin to express the love and gratitude we have for your life and friendship {you know who you are}.
Happy Wednesday friends! No matter the circumstances you are facing, know that you are loved by Him. And you are so desperately being prayed for by us.

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