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Monday, June 27, 2016

Coffee Date

If we were on a coffee date I'd share with you of all the wonders going on in our lives. Things such as our rejuvenated spirits thanks to our beach vacation; or how God has been working out some pretty interesting details; or how (thanks to Him) we found the leak in our skylight and {hopefully} repaired it.
If we were on a coffee date I would ask you what's been going on with you, what's new and exciting in your life. Whether it be school, work, kids, who you're dating, husband lovin', I'd want you to share your soul with me.
If we were on a coffee date I would giggle as I confessed that eating crow is so good. Add a dash of salt and it tastes just like humble pie. My "crow" would be how much I have truly grown to love church. Because if you remember, I went through a period of hating church. Not so much The Church, as in God's intended church, but as in what church has become. I would have argued before that it has become a way of guilt-tripping people, country clubbish, hypocritical. And then I realized I was focusing on the wrong thing: PEOPLE. When you remember why you should be going to church in the first place (duh, to worship GOD), then your whole perspective changes. And people don't piss you off anymore :)
If we were on a coffee date I'd ask for prayers. Prayers for my MIL as she begins treatments at the end of July; prayers for our lives as we are in the midst of seeing what God has in store for us. I would ask you what your prayers are and together, we would pray. Because let's be honest, when somebody says, "Oh, I'll pray for you," they usually don't. Trust me, I used to be one of those.
If we were on a coffee date we'd laugh and laugh over all the frivolous things in our lives. And rejoice in our friendship, make promises to do this again soon. Because I dadgum love you, I would give you a big hug.

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  1. I'll say a prayer for your MIL right now! So glad you got the beach vacation. I'm in need of something like that now. I wish we could have coffee together for real :)