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Thursday, January 16, 2014

This. Is. Embarassing...

This is just not acceptable. I mean, look at this mess! I will be unknotting, unhooking, uneverything for days...

On a positive note... this jumbled jewelry has inspired a blog post about it! Hooray!

I needed to find a way to constructively organize my jewelry so that it wouldn't become jumbled and I could see each piece. Going out and spending money on a jewelry holder is just out of the question for me at this time {I'm living on my own, 'member?!}.

I saw this lovely doodad on Pinterest  {below} and just couldn't resist in trying to recreate it:

However, I wanted to change mine up a little bit. Remember that post about the wood pieces?? Well here ya go people...

Isn't it perf?! I just love it! And it'll go nicely in my closet.
Have you had any "straw that broke the camel's back" experiences that ended in something artsy??
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