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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A work in progress... The kitchen

Ok, for those who know, I LOVE FOOD. It's a problem. And because I love food, I LOVE TO COOK. Therefore, I wanted this space of the house to be the most functional, personal, and pretty much ideal to my needs of being able to cook. Come on now, I've got hungry boys to feed.

I did change the theme up slightly from the living room and the dining room . I have this odd obsession with chickens. Like old, country, what-you-find-in-your-grandmomma's kitchen. Therefore, my goal is to slowly add little things here and there that are country chickens...

Thus far, I only have one thing. But hey! We've all got to start somewhere right??
**Side note: I used to have two of these adorable, chicken themed stove top covers, but this nutso got distracted. Thought I had turned on the back burner, when in fact I had turned on the front burner with the cover on it... Yea. Nearly burned my house down...

If you notice in these pictures, I'm cooking dinner. Come on in and grab yourself a seat!

**Just a heads up, my kitchen is tiny for my taste. But once I hopefully sell this house in the next few years, I can graduate into big BIG girl kitchen. I've got this folks...

As I accrue more funds, and things start to die, I will update the appliances accordingly. Otherwise, they serve their purpose pretty well. Come on back next week to see where we head next!


  1. We just bought a house in DC and I am pretty sure big girl kitchens do not exist in this city at my price range- I feel your pain! I spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in the house (food = also a problem for me (: )

    1. Haha amen! I aboslutely love to cook and need the space to create my messy masterpieces ;)