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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cheers Not Jeers

I originally came across this awesome link-up/brag-about-other-bloggers/feel-good deal when I was "cheered" by Anne at Love the Here and Now. What an amazing thing to do! Lifting up other bloggers, and people in general, is so invigorating that I just had to have some of this kool-aid.
Therefore, this week I am cheering on my dear friend Ashley at The Grits Blog.

Ashley and I have history; we go wayyy back! She is who inspired me to create this little nook of the Internet and call it my own. She's also my blog designer!
Ashley's the kind of girl who will tell ya like it is, ya'll. And I love her for that! She is a lover of her fur babies and her family.
She's currently building her dream home with the hubs and I know she's dying to be in it. We all can't wait to see the final product! I know that she'll be excited to do some baking in her new kitchen- let me tell ya'll, girl can bake!
Did I mention she's my blog designer?! She has an eye for design and knowing what her clients want. If you haven't already just swooned over how cool she is, stop on by her blog to say a quick hello!
Cheers Not Jeers, folks. Drink the kool-aid!

Cheers not Jeers
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  1. She is awesome!! She's a great blogger, designer, and has the patience of a saint! So glad I "met" her as she has been a great wealth of information and support. One of my first blogging friends!

  2. You are basically the bomb dot come. I love you so much and I am SO glad that we are friends!!! Thank you so much for all of the nice things you said. You really made my day girl!

  3. So glad you were able to spread some Cheer today! Thanks for your support and I too love Ashley's blog!

  4. You guys are so cute, I can't stand it! Both of you ladies are THE BEST!