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Monday, April 28, 2014

Grateful Heart Monday!

Image MapWhat another wonderful Monday! It's the last week of Sessions here in the sunshine state and I could just bust a gut I'm so excited!

Monday's can be tiring, hard to accept, and just all around so dang difficult to get a move on. With Ember Grey's #ghm's, she has really shown me how to embrace my Monday's with grace and love.

This Monday, I'm so beyond grateful for connections. By knowing friends and friends of friends, Hunter and I have been able to knock out our biggest details for the wedding in just 1 week. 1 week people!

We are excited to be getting married in our church home, throwing down for the reception in a gorgeous Southern tobacco barn, complete with all the fixin's. We also have our pastor lined up, who's a very good friend, and his wife will be doing our engagement photos as a gift.

We're so beyond blessed to have amazing people in our lives. God has been so good to us. It's like I told Hunter this past weekend, I really think God is rooting for us to get married because everything is falling into place so unbelievably easy... with very low costs!

This Monday, I'm grateful for the people God has put into our lives to make our dreams a reality.


  1. With the big things done, now you can really enjoy just being engaged! It goes too fast!

  2. Amazing that you've gotten so much done in one week!!! Totally agree with Meagan- now you can enjoy the journey! (Your reception sounds like it's going to be beautiful!!! I love old barn wedding receptions!)

  3. Ahhh good for you for getting the stressful stuff out of the way! can't wait for pix!! Also- "a barn complete with all the fixins" just made me laugh (:

  4. That is AWESOME! God is so good. I am so excited for you girl!

  5. You are so organized! Good for you! Love that it seems people are right where they need to be in our lives. I bet the tobacco barn will be gorgeous! Can't wait to hear all of the details as they unfold.

  6. Congrats and I'm so glad everything is working out for ya'll and your big day.

  7. Monday's can be tough, it's nice to have a link up devoted to recognizing the positive in a Monday versus the over- empowering negative!