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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Liebster Award

Holy moly, I've been nominated again by Anne at Love the Here and Now! Anne has truly become a sweet friend in my life and I thank you for this. For those who are new to the Liebster thang...
What is the Liebster Award? It's an award designed to promote new and upcoming bloggers. We all started out small and look forward to growing our blogs; this is just another way to do this.

The rules are easy. Share 11 facts about yourself. Answer 11 questions from the blogger that nominated you. Then nominate 11 bloggers for the Liebster Award. Simple.
Here are some fun facts about me:
  1. I'm a momma to 2 pups, a pit bull and a blue tick hound, and they are my world!
  2. I'm a high school and middle school youth leader in my church. And I love it!
  3. I'm a die-hard Auburn fan. Always have been, always will be. And yes, my children don't have a choice... Just keeedddingggg folks. Maybe... ;)
  4. I owned my own home at the ripe age of 21 years old.
  5. I legit have a fear of spiders. Like, I'll burn the house down if I see a spider and lose it.
  6. I will pop all the bubbles in bubble wrap and it brings complete satisfaction to my soul.
  7. I'm hearing impaired and wear hearing aids in both ears.
  8. I have ridden horses all my life (and used to compete), until recently I sold my horse because time and money just aren't on my side right now. Maybe one day I'll be able to get back in the saddle.
  9. My brain works weird. Give me calculus, physics, mix letters with numbers and I get it. Basic accounting and finance... Shoot me now.
  10. I have only lived in one place my entire life. Am I willing to move? Absolutely. I just haven't had the need or opportunity to do it. Maybe one day??
  11. My heart belongs to a man that makes me want to be a better woman every day. God bless him for his patience. 
Here are my questions, as posed by Anne, and my answers:
1. Why did you start blogging?
    I started blogging to have a place where I could share my life song. Whether it's a new recipe, good feelings, or a DIY project... I just wanted a place to store my thoughts. I never expected to meet such incredible women, like Anne!
2. If you could have coffee with any blogger, who would it be?
    Oh man, that's a toughy. Uhm, I would honestly have to say I can't pick. Every single person I've met is so unique and inspiring that I would love to sit over a cup 'o joe and just chit chat about life with everybody!
3. What's your favorite season and why?
    Well I like all for different reasons buttttt.... Being a Florida gal, my heart and soul are the happiest during summer. Beaches and warm weather is my happy place.
4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Married with a mini me. Who am I to kid though- God may have me in a totally different place, and I'm perfectly ok with that!
5. What's the best vacation you ever went on?
    Disney with my family. When I was younger (and Disney was cheaper), my family and I would make frequent trips to the parks. So many of my memories revolve around those times with my siblings (I have 3).
6. You have a free night. Do you go out or stay in?
    Honestly, I stay in. I'm always going going going that when I can stop and sit, it's refreshing.
7. What was the last book you read?
    Oh gosh, I cannot think of the name of it but it was by Nora Roberts. I'm an avid reader so I'm really REALLY bad with remembering all the names of books I've read. Btw's, check back next week for my list of Top 10 books I've read (yes, I'm actually researching the titles to these books because I can't rememeber!!)
8. What's the first piece of advice you would give to a new blogger?
    Don't be afraid to click. Or ask for help. Seriously, clicking on things and asking for help has saved this blog.
9. Cat or dog?
    Dog all the way. Cats are cool... But they're just so catty (pun intended).

10. What's your favorite food?
      I'm 99% sure I was Mexican in my past life- ha! So anything Mexican. If it's authentic? Even better!
11. What is your best childhood memory?
       All the adventures and trouble my siblings and I got into. My poor mother and father spent more time in the ER with broken bones I think than any person I know. Hey, it makes for great memories right?? I'm very close to my family.

And the nominees? Since I'm still somewhat of a newbie to the blog world (going on 4 months kiddies!), many of the folks I follow daily have been doing this jig for awhile. Or at least they're really good in their blogging skills... Either way, here are a few nominees for the Liebster Award:

My questions for ya'll:
  1. Because I love to hear about everybody's life songs, what made you want to become a blogger?
  2. Coffee or tea?
  3. Looking back 5 years ago, what would you have told yourself then to look forward to in the coming years?
  4. Summer or winter?
  5. If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
  6. Rain or shine?
  7. What is your favorite, non-physical feature about yourself?
  8. Jennifer Lawrence or Sandra Bullock?
  9. You're on a deserted island and you have a choice between the following items (you can only choose one), which would you pick: deoderant, tooth brush/tooth paste, or hair brush? Why?
  10. Channing Tatum or Channing Tatum?  :)
  11. Lastly, what are your goals for yourself this year?
Thank you ladies for all the laughs, smiles, and great friendships that are forming. Hope ya'll have a fabulous week!

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  1. So happy I met you! Loved reading your answers. Looking forward to your book post!

    1. Aww thank you so much and I have enjoyed getting to know you better as well!

      I'm excited about the book post! Not going to lie, it was hard to narrow my favie books to 10. #bookworm

  2. Congratulations and thank you sweet lady!!!! I am pretty sure that I landed in the nice corner of internet land :) You are so kind to think of me!

    1. Aww your welcome! I just love your blog and getting to know you has been great! Yay for new friendships lol :)

  3. congrats and thank you!!!

    ....buuutttt you're an AUBURN fan?? I did not know. I don't know if I can follow your blog anymore. Jkjkjk- but really go dawgs! ::scurries to the corner and hides under the blankets::

    1. Your welcome girlie!

      Hahahaha!! Yes ma'am, tried and true! Okay, how about this? We can be friends, follow each others blogs, and be happy happy happy... Except on the day they play each other. Lol! ;)