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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Daily Walks Together Part #1

Last week, I talked about Easter and what it means for Hunter and I. My sweet friend, Liz @ Fitness Blondie, offered a great idea- talk about mine and Hunter's daily walks in our faith as a couple.
I love love LOVE to share our faith with anybody who's willing to listen. Not beat-em-across-the-brow type... I'm not that looney, ya'll. But as a woman who has so many flaws, skeletons in my closet, and a hope in the beauty of humanity, I just can't help but to share our love for God and how it has brought us to where we are today.
Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? Take a walk with me...
Hunter and I met summer of 2011. We instantly were attracted to each other's personalities- I to his kindness, he to my independence. Our age difference never crossed our minds, or has ever been an issue (for the record, I am 3.5 years older than him). Sometimes, I really wonder who's the older of the two (read: I have a child-like spirit).
We started our whirlwind of a relationship. We had our up's and down's. For Hunter, he had his fair share of demons. For me, I battled with trust issues. I had ended a 4.5 year relationship - one in which I was engaged. My ex was verbally and emotionally abusive towards me. You ask why did I put up with it for so long? I honestly cannot tell you. Maybe I had hoped he would change. Maybe I had thought "it's what every relationship is like." Boy was I wrong, and when those lights came on, I ended things quickly.
Back to us, we were each battling our own demons and just couldn't seem to stray from them for long. We'd promise we'd do better. I did begin to let my guard down and trust Hunter. I loved him and who he was. We held onto that hope for our down times.
Fast forward to St. Patrick's Day 2013... Hunter had gone out with a friend, obviously to celebrate the holiday. I stayed home, just too tired to really pick my butt up off the couch. Hunter came home and to make a very long story short, Hunter realized his heart wasn't with God anymore and he was forced to take a really hard look at himself. He simply realized he had hit rock bottom.

I realized too that my heart had wandered so far from the Lord and I missed Him. Oh I missed Him so much!
That following Sunday, we made a diligent effort to be in church. We both realized that fateful night how lost we were, and how desperately we needed Christ back in our lives for good. Not for an "oh I'll call ya when I need ya" deal. We wanted Him in our hearts, our speech, our actions EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
That day, our hearts and our relationship with each other has changed for the good, forever.
Check back next week to hear the rest of Our Daily Walks Together Part #2. 

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  1. Kelly I love this!! Sharing your story is just beautiful and a wonderful thing to share! So proud of you and Hunna!