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Friday, June 13, 2014

High Five, It's Somehow Friday

I'm not really sure what's been going on with me lately. Friday's have crept up on me like nobody's biz - no complaints for sure!

Just trying to figure out if I'm super busy that the days are starting to run together, or I'm really just having that much fun with all that I'm doing. I'm choosing the latter.

Let's recap on the week and look forward to the weekend!

ONE: If you missed it, I was invited by Warby Parker to help announce their newest line of sunglasses. I was so honored to have been considered, and even more excited that they were pleased with the final post and mentioned working together in the future. What a great company that donates to an even bigger cause!

TWO: I managed to complete mine and Hunter's wedding registry online with no hassles at all. Surprisingly (note sarcasm), the kind sales associate from Bed Bath & Beyond contacted me wanting to follow-up to go over everything to ensure I had finished the registering process correctly. I appreciate your kind words, ma'am, but if I could survive going to college full time and working full time, I'm pretty sure I can handle a simple bridal registry.

Moving on...

THREE: This week has been spent getting ready for our youth's mission trip this weekend!! We leave bright and early Saturday (5:30 am EST to be exact folks) and we'll be back home Wednesday evening. Getting ready includes everything from packing to getting posts set up and ready to go (which I have yet to do that - shoot me now) to making sure my boys will be taken care of while I'm gone. They're spoiled folks.

I'm so excited for the trip! And yes, I'll be sure to share with everybody the awesomeness of the trip once we return.

FOUR: I'm officially bored with my brown hair so I'm getting back into the styling chair again for some spice-em-up colors. No, I'm not putting vibrant colors in my hair from the rainbow spectrum -- my boss may stroke. But, I've always colored my own hair just one color, took a break for awhile, and I'm ready to change it up a bit. Any suggestions?!

FIVE: Hunter and I are starting to seriously discuss the future of moving to Quincy. Like looking at houses casually seriously-discussing-kind-of-deal. It's uber exciting!! First things first though, we need to sell my house here in Tallahassee. Any buyers?

What are some of ya'lls big plans this weekend? Maybe taking it easy? Let me know what that's like - I forgot the last time I really slowed down (being sick doesn't count).

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  1. Yayyy for the move almost happening! And thank goodness you are scheduling posts to go up while you're gone, I was worried haha! For some reason it makes me laugh every time you talk about this registry business- can't wait to do mine- ONLINE!

  2. I Cannot believe the BBB lady called you!! Geeze sounds like a car salesman!!
    I wish you had free time this weekend, but I understand!! One day soon though!!!!!!

  3. Where are the Fridays coming from?!? Wasn't it just Friday 2 days ago?! I'm totally okay with it, I just feel like I'm losing time somewhere, hahaha!! Have a GREAT trip girlie!!

  4. I absolutely love Warby Parker- they seriously have the best glasses! And yeah- those BBB people get a little out of control with the phone calls. I eventually got to the point where I just screened their calls. Haha. :)

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh I love those sunglasses! The copper ones are totally my style. I hear you on being bored with your hair, I've been back and forth with changing mine up for a while now.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I'll have to check those sunglasses out! Have fun on your trip!! 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday is rough. Yeah, I'm the same with my hair - I've only ever colored it one color and like 4 times ever. I've been stuck in a 10-year hair rut. Lol! Have a good weekend!

  7. Those registry people can be really pushy! They loved trying to tell us what we needed.

  8. Registering online was the best. We put on our website, under our registries that we wanted Lowes gift cards to make home improvements, since they don't do registries. We managed to make some great upgrades!

  9. Have a WONDERFUL weekend, I hope the youth trip goes really well!! =)