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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Adventures?

Each season in life brings changes. Sometimes it can be a completely new hair style. Other times it's something a little more challenging and effective in your life.

Hunter and I have gone through many seasons in life. Some were as simple as me changing my hair color; other times it was us changing our lives completely for the glory of God.

A big change that we're both making in our lives, if you're new to this here space, is our marriage happening later this year. We're both beyond excited, ready, and willing to make this change. We want to be married to each other because we do feel that God has brought us together for a purpose.

Hunter and I have been discussing (a lot) lately:
How can we better serve God as individuals, and as a married couple?
We both traveled to Honduras last summer, and instantly fell in love with the people and the country. Even more so, we fell in love with the idea of sharing the gospel to others. Unfortunately, we could not make it back to Honduras with our group this year. But that isn't stopping us.
With lots of praying, discussing with each other, and slowly putting our wheels to the ground, we have discovered how we can better serve God as individuals and as a married couple.
Last week, I briefly touched on the changes our church is going through. With these changes, Hunter and I have realized the urgency we have, as Christians, to share the gospel.
With that being said, we are moving. We are moving to the small town of Quincy, Florida where our church is located. Rather than moving there to be closer to our church, we're moving there to be closer to the people we can impact.
See here's the thing: Quincy is a small town right outside of Tallahassee. It is known for it's old tobacco barns that thrived years ago, tomato farms that provides an income to migrant families, and the Coca Cola stock that began right there many years ago. Sadly, Quincy is also known for it's struggling job market, hate crimes, and people who have been turned away from and forgotten by society and those "Christian folks" because they're "different."
Hunter and I are already youth leaders in our church. And when I say we have all walks of life, we truly have all walks of life. And we love it!! Our students are so open to people that appear different from them on the outside, but know that we're all the same on the inside. These students are the reason we are making life changes.
To get to the point: Hunter and I are moving to Quincy. Not to be closer to the church building, because at this point, the majority of the church is doing nothing to reach out to the community of Quincy. No, we're moving to Quincy to immerse ourselves in the culture, the people, and being able to impact any and everybody that gives us the time of day.
We believe in an open door policy. Mi casa es tu casa. We believe that anybody is welcome to walk through the doors of our home, stay as long as you can, and feel like it's a home away from home. Thus, we believe that by being in the heart of Quincy, we can reach more people and develop deeper relationships.
Hunter and I want so badly to show people the love of Christ. And no, the love of Christ does not come in a big church building. It does not come in the fancy, velvet pews. It does not come in the type of music whether it's old hymns or modern day praise and worship.
The love of Christ comes through relationships and loving as Christ loved us.
So are we crazy? Eh, possibly. But we're crazy about people knowing what it's like to really be loved. We're crazy about the love of Jesus. And yea, I guess you could say we're some Jesus freaks. Get used to it sister!
Quincy, we're coming for you!


  1. You guys are amazing! I love seeing people actually live their religion; if you understand what I mean! Good luck to you and your lucky Quincy is to be getting both of you!

  2. AHH so exciting!!!! Can't wait to see how this all plays out! Praying for yall!

  3. That is amazing girl!!! You are 100% correct, you do not need a building to Worship. Worship is done all day, everyday through the actions in our lives. I am so excited to see how your journey plays out and I am so blessed to call you my friend!

  4. How exciting and inspiring!! The youth are so blessed yo have y'all are leaders and as their role models. I will keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers. I know God will surly bless you in your willingness to serve Him.

  5. Wow. This is awesome!!! YOU GUYS ROCK! I am SO excited for you guys!!! I will be praying for you both.... God has some amazing adventures up his sleeve for you two!