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Thursday, August 14, 2014

3 Southern Girls Throwback Thursday: All about Spenser Lynn...

Today is quite the special day. Today is this lovely gal's birthday!

Spenser is one of my only friends that I can truly call a sister. See we go way back...

Spenser used to date one of my brothers. Long story short, my brother's an idiot and let the best thing that's ever happened to him go. But hey, that's water over/under the bridge and we all still love Spenser. Let's see... How about I make a list of all of the wonderful things I love about Spenser in honor of her birthday:
  • Her hair - It's always perfect!
  • Her smile - It's a sure-fire smile that will make you smile.
  • Her athleticism - Girl got skeeeelllssss! 
    • Fun fact: Spenser was an FSU bat girl (Google it) for 3 years I believe. Correct if I'm wrong Spinn.
    • Fun fact: She's currently the varsity volleyball coach at her alma mater high school.
  • Her love for her family - It runs so deep!
  • Her heart - Spinn (this is her nickname) has one of the biggest hearts I've ever come across. Her passion for people, kids in particular, is contagious. Her heart for God is unwavering. 
Spenser, you have been nothing but a joy in my life. You'll always be a "sister" to me (and Erin). Thank you for all the shenanigans, beach trips, sushi dates, moving parties, laughs, and so many memories. Thank you for letting me marry one of your bestest guy friends and supporting us from the get go - even though it was a little weird at first for you, ha!

I love you Spenser Lynn and I hope you have a fabulous birthday! 

That stud muffin above is Hunter's best friend and groomsman, and Spenser's boyfriend


  1. awww!! so fun- she does have great hair haha!

  2. I love the grumpy first photo haha! I have one of my husband as a little tot doing the same thing!