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Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh My Gosh... It's Friday

Image MapI have never been more happier than to see a Friday than I am today. I don't care if it's August 1st, I don't care if summer "is almost over". I just don't care. I need this weekend.

This week has been a week full of moving for Hunter and I. It's also been one of the most trying moves we have ever been through. We're pooling our funds to hire movers for when we move to Quincy in May; and I'm never moving again. Ha!

Let's get to a recap/favorites of this week - Lord knows I need to find the silver lining in everything.

1: I'll say it again - moving. As stressful as this situation has been, we're very grateful to be moving back in with my parents for a few short months to save money before our big move to Quincy.

2: This may not be a favorite and I'll have more details in a separate post of its own next week, but Hunter and I will be stepping away from the youth group at our church soon. This was a very hard decision for us - trust me when I say I wept over the decision - but with some decisions that were made without our knowledge, we feel it is the best thing to do. More on that next week!!

3: One of my most favoritest (is that grammatically correct??) bloggers and friend ever had me laughing and smiling in the midst of all the chaos this week. Thank you Em!

4: I'm beyond excited to be having a girls dinner tomorrow night with some of the greatest friends of mine. These gals are the ones I call or text when life is great, bad, or ugly. They are my rocks of faith in my darkest moments. They are the gals that I will be partnering with to spread the gospel in Quincy with, and all over!

And finally...

5: I managed to remember to eat, sleep, and perform bathroom bodily functions throughout this week. This, by far, is the greatest thing that has happened all week.

Enjoy your weekend folks!

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  1. If you managed to eat, sleep, poop and pee in one week I am really proud of you and I don' t know you LOL! Stepping down from leading youth is a hard thing to do. I did it years ago and I still look back at it with some worry. Even though we aren't supposed to do that! Have a beautiful weekend of dare I say unpacking?

  2. Ok well first of all- why didn't I realize you guys weren't moving to Quincy right now? I don't think I knew (or remembered) you were moving into your parents house. Every time I told you "Have fun decorating!" your mom was probably like "Nope!" haha! Wow, so you're going to get like REAL home-cooked meals for awhile! That's def one of the pros when I go home! Thanks so much for the blog love, lady!

  3. Oh girl I understand! I hate moving and we're about to have to! Good luck!

    #2 I understand ya here more than you know. The Lord has led me through leading, stepping away, joining other things, stepping away and leaving is always the hardest for me. But He constantly reminds me that He has a bigger plan and it's all just a part of that...especially leaving good things. With our future move, I'll have to do that and I hate thinking about it. I'm excited about all the He has planned for y'alls future! He's doing great things!!!