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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Liebie Liebster Award

Yep, I just totes baby talked in the title of this post. The sweetest gal on the face of this earth nominated me for the Liebster Award! I know some people don't like getting these things because oh my gosh it takes time out of my busy schedule, but me on the other hand, I love the fact that this little ole bloggy has had an impact on somebody else's life. Enough for that person to think of me. So Rebecca, thank you!

I've decided to answer her questions first because hey, I'm a rebel like that. The facts will follow shortly thereafter.
one: What topic do you enjoy blogging about the most, and why?
Honestly? Faith and the daily struggles and triumphs that are packaged with that. Second to that though, mine and the hubs adventures! 
two: What is your favorite meal to cook / treat to bake? 
Well because I've got me a strapping country boy that loves his meat, I would have to say a meal is always in order. We specifically love venison steaks with bacon wrapped around, twice baked potatoes, and a good hearty salad.
three: If you work outside of blogging, what do you do, and what do you enjoy most about it? 
I work for the Office of Senate Secretary for the state of Florida. I'm specifically a journal writer and researcher. Basically, it means lots of writing, reading, and staying on top of legislative rules. We also construct and publish the Journals for Sessions, and work with Senators on a daily basis. I truly love everything about my job! Did I ever expect to be in the political realm? Heck no, but I wouldn't change a thing.
four: What was the worst date you've ever been on?
Oh man, it's been awhile ha! Let's see, I was in high school and I went on a date to the movies with a guy a couple years older than me. I had met him through my brothers playing baseball because he used to umpire some of the games. Such a sweetheart, honestly. On the date, I found out he had dropped out of high school, was a HUGE pot head, and couldn't hold a conversation for more than a minute (I'm not kidding, it was probably because of said pot). And I had to pick him up for the date because he didn't have his driver's license (found out why during the date, it was because of said pot). Needless to say, there was NEVER a second date.
five: What goals do you have for the next 5 years, both blogging and personal? 
You sure do have me picking the depths of my brain contents Rebecca ha! In 5 years, I'll be 31 (eek!) so as for personal: still married to my hottie, moved into the little house we're trying to get now and it'll be oh-so-cute, possibly a kid or a bun in the oven or we've adopted a beautiful child, a fully renovated bathroom and kitchen in said little house that we'll hopefully get, and that Jep has calmed down significantly (that's our Blue Tick Hound for those that are wondering who Jep is....). Bloggy wise, the only goal I have is that it will continue to provide hope and faith to those that take the time to read it. And maybe some laughs too.
six: What is a Christmas song that truly rings in the season for you? 
I love Christmas like a kid loves candy (if you didn't like candy as a kid, you're weird. I'm kidding). Silent Night sung by Amy Grant is what brings that holiday season into a nice little packaged gift for me. Just something about the melody is soothing and reminds me of the beauty of Christmas.
seven: Do you have any pet peeves? 
Liars and people who fake their way through relationships. Seriously, get over yourself and just tell the truth. The person on the receiving end may not like it but at least it's out there. Another big pet peeve of mine: people who refuse to be transparent, which I guess ties into lying and faking their way. Just be real - we're all sinful, horrible heathens.
eight: How does a typical day begin for you? 
Chaotic. I am not a morning person in any way, shape, or form. Coffee. It's what saves me from myself most days. I always applaud those people who can get up at o'dark-thirty and make gourmet breakfasts, do blog things or whatever else, and can manage to look fabuloso by the time they walk out of the house. Look, ya'll are lucky if I remembered to put underwear and deodorant on. True story: I showed up to work one day in leggings and a sweater, parked in my usual spot in the parking garage at work, and proceeded to get into my dress for work. Don't worry - I had a tank on underneath my sweater so nobody saw the goods.
nine: Is there anything you don't think you would ever blog about?
Politics. I work in it daily so I will NEVER share that on a public forum. Sorry, certain things are to be kept between me a God. Also, I will NEVER discuss any personal issues that involves my husband. If you want to have a hen party, go find that junk somewhere else. Kind of like politics, certain things are just meant to be between you and God.
ten: What three things can you not live without? 
In a non-materialistic sense: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. In a materialistic sense: coffee, coffee, Hunter.
eleven: What's on your Christmas wishlist this year? 
 I actually don't have a Christmas wish list. I'm a weird person and I don't like getting gifts. I'm serious (no Hunter, this isn't a test)! That goes for birthday's, anniversaries, Christmas, definitely Valentine's Day... I will always say, "Just spend time with me." I'd rather have the memories and experiences than the physical gift because it'll probably end up in Goodwill in a couple of years #truthhurts.

Just a few fun facts about me:

+ I just did the whole gel nails thing for my wedding and I can honestly say I will never do that mess again. The polish absolutely destroyed my real nails. And I had pretty nails to begin with!

+ Ya'll, don't laugh. I cannot clean bathrooms without gagging. I have this weird thing with hair being on shower walls and sinks... It grosses me out. Even though it's my hair, I just don't like it. Hunter thinks it's hilarious.

+ I found my time capsule the other day from when I was a freshman in high school (cue oldies music) and I saw where I said I wanted to be a pediatrician. Just bless your heart, young self.

+ I've never played a team sport. I rode horses all throughout elementary, middle, high school, and parts of college. Team playing just sounds awful to me. Ha!

+ Sarcasm is my native tongue. Except when it's serious time, then I can be serious. But otherwise, my words are usually dripping with sarcasm.

+ I'm one of those people who will tell ya like it is. You will know by my facial expressions alone if you're irritating me. And then I'll tell ya. I will say this, I am working on being more graceful with my words rather than them being like acid. It's a process, ya'll.

+ I'm too lazy to put pictures in this post because honestly, yesterday was a super busy (and long) day at work thus the reason for this coming out a wee bit later in the morning. Work with me!

There ya have it! A little bit about me, myself, and I. I hope ya'll have a beautiful week - this is the day the Lord has made!

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  1. this made me so happy!!!! and made me laugh. And made me glad to know I'm not the only person who isn't on the gel manicure bandwagon...I did it, it was twice as much as regular mani, and one completely fell off after 3 days....

  2. Congrats love you deserve.

    --Me and My Mini Me

  3. If you ever need anyone to cook steak and twice baked potatoes for please let me know ;)