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Monday, November 10, 2014

Some Tips and Tidbits

The week leading up to our wedding + the wedding day itself was all a bit busy for us. Especially leading up to the wedding because we had an entire tobacco barn to decorate. Have I mentioned how grateful I am for all the help we received from family and friends to make that beautiful day possible??
My MIL did an awesome job with all the tulle! Trust me, this is just the beginning phase.

My sweet FIL pressure washed every single table and chair

 Seriously, ya'll are some awesome kids.
As I went throughout the whole process, and even looking back now, there are some tips and tidbits that I felt I wanted to share. So if you're already married, you may agree with me on some of these things. If you're engaged, please take some of these things to heart. If you're not engaged, just store this in your memory bank for a later date.
one: If you're the wedding planner (like I was), be sure to take a second and breathe. People will be coming at you with about a million and one questions simply because they have your best interests at heart and want to provide you the absolute best.

At the end of every day we would set up, my mom and aunt would stop me and ask, "Are you happy? Is this what you envisioned?" Every time I would answer, "It's better than I could ever imagine." Because I'm a pretty laid back person, I pretty much let my mom, aunt, MIL, and friends take charge of their little tasks and decorate how they felt. I told them what I had in mind and they did excellent at reading into what we wanted! There may have been one or two things that I tweaked but otherwise, they did great.
two: Do. Not. Sweat. The. Small. Things. Seriously ladies, it'll only make you more stressed.
For example, Aunt Flo decided to show up the Thursday morning before my wedding. Did I freak? Eh, maybe slightly. But by Saturday morning, she was gone. The tip here: Prayers really do work people.... #Ikid #slightly. After the minor freak out, I came to my senses and thought, "Hey! You're going to be married to this guy for life. It's okay if there's a minor hiccup in the beginning of the honeymoon."
As setup week was underway, we realized that we never got the boutonnieres for the mothers and grandmothers. Not that the florist forgot, we just simply didn't think of picking them up. A huge shout out to mom and Aunt Jana for making those babies the day of.
Totes didn't have a toss bouquet - mom and aunt went to Hobby Lobby, bought some flowers, and ta-da. A toss bouquet under $10.
My brothers forgot to go back into the church to escort my mother out after the ceremony ended. It made for a really good laugh when our pastor said, "Boys... Come get your mother."
There were so many small details that just ended up not happening. Don't sweat it!
three: This one is a biggie: Be intentional to slow your big day down. I was told by tons of folks prior to the big day that it all flies by in a blur. So I made every effort to slow the day down, and to enjoy every second as it came. It was glorious!
four: Remember that all of this is about the marriage, not the wedding. Don't get too caught up in trying to make the wedding exactly the way you saw it on Pinterest because honestly, the days after the wedding day are the best. God is my witness on that one.


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  1. Those are absolutely wonderful tips for brides-to-be!

  2. love this!! pinning it! I so agree with sweating the small stuff- at every wedding I've been in ,at least 5 small things have gone wrong and guess how many people knew they went wrong? zero.

  3. These are all so true! I think my approach to planning/decorating was similar to yours, I just kind of left it to anyone who wanted to help and it was beautiful! Speaking of beautiful, you are stunning! The dress, WOW! I cannot wait to see all the pictures!!