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Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh my, hello Friyay

I really can't get enough of Friday's guys. Friday's become Friyay's, which just make me oh so happy. It's been a quiet week in my world but sometimes that's just what the doctor calls for. The doctor also calls for a list of randoms, and I'm always down for that...

one: Tomorrow we will be celebrating my twin's birthday! Just kidding, we're not twins but we have had numerous occasions when we're together and people approach us asking if we're twins. It's become quite funny and we always love going along with it. What's scary though is that we tend to think alike in a lot of ways so there's that.

She's my special friend...

two: I have a second rustic palette project in the works and I can't wait to share it with ya'll. Just call me Handywoman Kelly.

three: We have completed and sent in our tax returns - hallelujah! I'm sort-of-but-desperately chomping at the bit to get our taxes done early every year. I don't know, I just like getting that mess done and over with. I have these horrible visions that if I don't do it fast enough, men in black suits and blacked out sunglasses are going to show up at my doorstep, whisk me away to God-knows-where and probe me in places I'd rather not be probed in. Mmm, no thank you.

four: My baking thumb is back. Well, minus cookies but otherwise... it's back! I'm not sure if Hunter is as thrilled as I am.

five: I've been tutoring my SIL in math for the last couple of weeks. We try to meet twice per week and as we've been going over different problems, I'm realizing more and more what a nerd I am. I get a pep in my step when we talk math #nerdalert.

Finally, my wheels are spinning for some ministry ideas and a dear friend of mine shared this article with me because it's something that is very near and dear to our hearts. Take a wild guess at where my wheels are spinning to...

Happy Friday folks!

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  1. Wow!! Good job! We haven't even received all of our documents to get our taxes done. It takes some places forever. You crack me up, Kelly. Friyay's! haha! :-p Can't wait to see your palette project! Have fun with yo "twin"!!!

  2. YES to #5!! I just read that article last night, so good. I'm excited for you!! (Ok- so is "your twin" your sister or friend?! Because YEAH, you guys totally look like sisters!)