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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Wall Wood Art

So I clearly have an obsession desire for palettes. And really, anything wood. I just love the rustic look, feel, flair, and country bumpkin pizazz it can bring into a room. I was perusing Pinterest, trying to find something that I could make. I stumbled upon some inspiration and decided to run with it.
A quick note before I jump into the steps of the project... Ladies... Appreciate your man. If your man helps you with these said Pinterest projects, shower him with lots and lots of kisses. Because let me just tell ya'll, it's hard work. Now this is coming from a dreamer-my-husband-does-the-work kind of person. Hunter was kind enough (and brave enough) to teach me how to use the saw, and set up the design. Thank you for teaching me valuable skills!
Onto the project....
We still have some palettes lying around from my last Pinterest project so I decided to start there. Rather than trying to painfully remove the nails from the boards, the boards from the palette, I got the bright idea of sawing them off.

 I first sawed (is that correct usage??) along the middle, cutting each one away from the frame of the palette.
Once the middle had been cut free, I worked on the outside. Hunter actually did most of the outside for me because honestly, my little twig arms were about to just fall off.
Now you will have nice little planks and no residue of curse words lingering in the air. God is good. I took 2 of the uglier pieces of wood and used them as the backing for my wall piece. I spaced them as such so that they measured roughly 10 inches across the backside.

Once I had the desired wood backings in place, I nailed the first piece of wood across the both of them at the top. I like the idea of "unevenness" so I skewed each row of boards.
And that's it! You can nail hooks on the backing for hanging, or leave as is to lean against the wall. Truth: I haven't painted mine yet because I've got a couple of ideas in my head. Once we move, I'll be able to decide where I want to place this beauty, thus paint desired saying on it. Super easy craft and adorable!

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  1. Great idea! I saw something similar on my friend's mantel last weekend and loved it! Btw, I'm immature and might have giggled at your second sentence in this post :-p

  2. Aaaaand you're amazing. Seriously- you know how to use a saw?! LUCKY! ;)

  3. I love pallet projects! I have so many that I want to do!
    Looks awesome girl!