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Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Friday + The Summit + Baby Shower + I don't know what to do with my hands

Happy Friday! Things have kicked up several notches in my life, all youth and socially related of course. Just to give ya'll a quick run down of how things are going around here...
.... Wednesday + Thursday evenings after work - setting up the sanctuary for our awesome night of worship that's happening Saturday.
.... Friday night - helping friends move + finish any last minute set-up details.
.... Saturday morning - make food for youth event that night + food for baby shower that I'm co-hosting Sunday - spend time with a sweet youth girl - brush my teeth (this is still a questionable task).
.... Saturday evening + night - finish any last minute prepping + get food all set-up + praising God at The Summit and watching the Holy Spirit rock this community.
.... Sunday morning - last minute prep for baby shower + set-up for baby shower.
.... Sunday afternoon - BABY SHOWER FOR ABEL!!!
Have I worn ya'll out yet? I'm so excited for this weekend. I've got the Holy Spirit providing all of my adrenaline and I'm ready to freakin' rock. I just ask that you pray for the Holy Spirit to awaken the sleepy souls of our teenagers, and our community. Pray that all will be done for the glory of the Gospel. And just pray for an awesome time. Happy Friday!

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  1. Such a busy, fun and full week you've had! Hope you find some relaxation this weekend!

  2. what a precious little babe!!! And I'm laughing so hard about your not knowing what to do with your hands comment... that's an inside joke between me and my mom because since I was little I was always asking her, "Mom, what should I do with my hands?" and she would always reply, "Fold them and put them in your lap" and to this day, that's typically how my hands are placed. ha!