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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Daily Walks: Part #2

Last week, I started the first part of my two part story of mine and Hunter's spiritual walk that has led us where we are today.

Hunter and I are proud and humbled at the same time by our faith. We are proud because we recognize that we are such broken people, and that we can accept those terms with humility to be able to rely on our faith to save us from our wretched selves. We are humbled because we love a God who so passionately loves us! He loves us even while we are sinners... And that's humbling!

Once Hunter and I had made that decision to regularly attend church, become more active in our faith, and to actually practice what we preach... our lives changed forever. We changed individually, and relationally. We are still changing and growing this very moment, and it will continue until our Father calls us home.

Relationally, we are stronger than we've ever been. I told Hunter that before Christ (we call this B.C. ya'll-ha!), I loved Hunter. I really did. But when I saw him become a true man of God, my love for him deepened so much that words truly don't describe the way I feel justice. I am honored to be a part of his daily walks with Christ. I am forever blessed to have loved a man that put God before me. I've always wanted it that way.

Hunter and I describe our relationship with each other like a triangle. Yes, we are in a love triangle. But I'm very happy about this love triangle. See ya'll, we're a triangle because God is our focal point and Hunter and I are the two points on the bottom. We're at the same level, same degree, with God connecting us. For all you mathletes out there like myself, your welcome for that analogy ;)

Hunter and I still have our weak moments where we let the force of reality and stress get to us. We do argue and disagree. B.C., our arguments or disagreements were more self-centered. Whereas now, we argue or disagree constructively. Rather than trying to tear the other person down out of anger, we try to focus on the issue at hand, apologize, and actually listen to what the other person is saying.

That was a struggle for me. I'll be the first to admit and eat crow... I have a hard time backing down from my perspective. I have a hard time seeing around my way, let's say. With a Christ-like mind though, I want to see Hunter's perspective. Even if I don't agree with it, I have learned to be respectful because those are his thoughts and feelings. God has made me a better woman to stand beside my man, rather than against him.

As we prepare for our wedding, Hunter and I are making a diligent effort to pray every day for our marriage. We pray for the strength that we'll need to carry us through our difficult times. We pray for the patience in the frustrations we may experience. Most importantly, we pray for each other.

Wanna know something funny? We're not excited about this wedding. Hear me out... we're excited about this marriage. We cannot WAIT to be united in God's eyes as man and woman, husband and wife. Yes, the wedding will be so much fun. But we're not excited for the dancing, the food, the clothes. Those are just cherries on top. We're most excited to commit to each other in the name of the Father.

Ya'll, I cannot wait to be married! Thank you for spending time with me on this topic. We openly love to share of our struggles, and what faith has done for us. If you have any questions, or want to know more, please please please don't hesitate to contact me. I love to talk!


  1. I love this!! And thank you for the math analogy :) Math nerds like me love stuff like that!

  2. I love post like this. Walking thru faith with God is amazing. Good luck with things.

  3. You have it absolutely right girl! The wedding doesn't matter. Sure, it's a fun party, but at the end of the day, the marriage is what is important. The party ends, but the marriage has to last and if it isn't built on a foundation of God, it will surely crumble. You all look so happy!!
    Have a great day lady!