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Friday, April 4, 2014

Summertime Week #4: My mojo came back + H54F

Holy moly folks! Ya'll are getting a double whammy this lovely Friday. Hey, it's Friday and I'm feeling extra generous in my writing skills....

Let's start, first, with the Summertime Week series-

Last week, I confessed that my healthy-weight gaining techniques were put to to the way-side so that I could pig out on food and keep my bum perfectly planted on the couch because last week was just a crazy week.
But... It's back and in full force this week! I have been walking and grabbing more protein shakes rather than sweets.
Thanks to the encouragement of Hunter, my sweet co-worker and her husband, I have decided to put myself on protein shakes, again, to help me gain the needed weight. I did this a few years ago, but it didn't seem to stick. I'm back again, trying and hoping it'll work this time- I have a good feeling it will!

Hunter has been an awesome cheerleader. He's encouraging me to eat more, helping me cook healthy meals, and just overall being a great support system to lean on. God has blessed me with a great man!
Back to the protein shake... I've picked up Ensure at the grocery store and have started incorporating this into my already busy diet. Notice, I am not using this as a replacement- that would defeat the whole purpose. Thus far, it has only been a few days of drinking it so I'm obviously not going to see the results just yet. I will say this though: my energy levels are so much better! Thank goodness because we're about to kick it into high gear here at the Florida Capitol.

We have about 3 more weeks left on this series, so I'm sure I'll be able to share more thoughts on the protein shake idea as we progress. As always, thank ya'll for your encouragement and support!


Bring on that H54F!

1. I looked at the calendar the other day and realized we had exactly 1 month left of Sessions. Even better, the Senate recognizes Holy Week during April. Therefore, we only have 3 weeks! Hang onto ya britches sister!

2. As ya'll may have read, I am currently redoing some things in our master bedroom. Earlier in the week, I purchased the art piece that will go on the wall behind the bed. It's simple, but I love it! Once it arrives in the store, and I can pick it up, I'll surely share with ya'll!

3. Okay, I honestly have the BEST parents a girl could ask for! Yes I'm biased but I'm sticking with my statement. During Sessions, they have been helping Hunter and I out with watching Jep during the day. We call it "Manny Daycare" because Jep is able to spend allll day playing with his big brother Manny. Aren't they just presh??

4. It's spring in Florida. And my skin is happy for the vitamin D.

5. This is kind of a long post so... Adios babes! Have a fabulous weekend!

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