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Friday, May 23, 2014

Hello, Friday

Friday, you had me at hello.

I think with the oncoming long weekend, and knowing that I'll be at the beach for the weekend, this week kind of decided to drag her buttocks a wee bit.

Nevertheless, I am so happy Friday is here!

ONE: Sunday through Tuesday were packed with dinner plans each night after work. Whether it was spending time with close friends and catching up on life, or helping mom cook her amazing spaghetti, each night was wonderful.

TWO: Earlier in the week, Hunter and I made the decision to start eating clean. We've been feeling so blah lately, not having much energy, so we decided to start with our diet first. I'm just amazed that Hunter's even on this crazy train with me! And no, we are not and will not ever give up meat. Yes, we are striving to eat "cleaner" meat in between hunting seasons. We just need to hunt more, come November! #sorrynotsorry

Do you think this lovely donut counts?? Probably not...

THREE: Some of our youth kids are graduating this week so we have been/will be attending their graduations. Of course, we're going to scream and embarass them when they're called on stage...

FOUR: I'm really shocked that the Febreeze folks haven't shown up to my house this week. I don't know what it is. Either we've been super busy, or we've been super lazy... But my house needs a deep cleaning ya'll. Looks like I'll be doing that Saturday morning before we head out of town...

FIVE: Uhm, have I mentioned that we're going to the beach this weekend?? This is our first little mini vacay in awhile so we're excited to the max! I'm ready to relax, have a few drinks, catch a few fisheys, and spend time with friends.

What big plans do ya'll have for the weekend? Anything exciting for Memorial Day?

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  1. I need to join you on the eating clean band wagon. But gosh, the sweets I encounter make it so hard! Have so much fun this weekend soaking up the sun and the good times!

  2. I am counting down to deer season! My freezer is looking a little bare already. Have you ever had deer bacon?? It is so good and if you just smoke it, it's clean!
    Y'all are killing me with this beach talk. I will just be here with my inflatable toddler pool...hahaha!! Have a great time love! Soak up some beach sun for me!

  3. You had a great week! Your youth kids graduating is so exciting and bravo to you for eating clean. You will feel so much better. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

    --Me And My Mini Me

  4. if that doughnut counts s clean eating then I am all in!!