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Friday, May 9, 2014

High Five For Friday -H5FF

It's a beautiful Friday here in the sunshine state, and this week has flown by in the blink of an eye! Friday's are a great day to kind of recap on some goodies that happened during the week, or to look forward to the plans to come on the weekend.

Let's have at it, shall we?

ONE: With my schedule being back to normal, I was able to take walks this week with Mrs. Ashley, and ya'll, they're the best! It's seriously free therapy for us. 

TWO: Wednesday, I was able to go see my youth kids! I haven't seen them in weeks and was missing their goofiness like some kind of terrible. I even didn't go to a junior women's club meeting just so I could see their bright and shining faces - ha!

THREE: Cooking home-cooked meals is back on the agenda. Hunter and the pups are very appreciative of my regular working hours again...

FOUR: This weekend, if Hunter doesn't have to work (he does prescribed burns, replants trees... You know, forestry stuff), we're having our pictures taken for the save-the-dates for a bridal shower that some adorably, sweet, and amazing friends of mine are throwing. Be on the lookout for some of these pics to make their debut soon!

FIVE: The weather here is absolutely beautimus!! I do not miss the winter. I am a sunshine-loving freak and I thrive on the sun and heat. Hunter refers to me as a "lizard" because if I can be outside doing something in the sun, I'll try my hardest to do it. Thus, I will be outside as much as possible this weekend!

What are some wonderful things that have happened this week for you? Any big plans for the weekend? 
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  1. yaaasss for lizards! haha Harrison says I'm solar-powered because of how much I love being outside in the sun. Really in the spring/summer/fall I could probably even sleep out there..

  2. Girl I am with you on the heat! Give it to me all day long. What homecooked meals are you going to be doing?

  3. Summerrrrrrrr!! I am so excited for nice weather.
    Sounds like you had a great week!
    Happy Friday sweets!

  4. No big plans other than having my gma over sunday for Mother's day. I hope the weather is nice but its suppose to rain here in southwest Ga. and we've seen plenty of rain in the past 2 weeks its ridiculous. Anywhoo....good things that's happened.... Heck I can't remember but i'm sure something did. Oh I got great things in the mail. Happy mail is the best.

    HAPPY FRIDAY!! What do you need in life today?

  5. Sounds like you had a pretty great week. For me, I reached some fitness goals, my daughter had her first ballet recital and I think that was pretty much it. I had a pretty hectic week with work and school so it didn't allow me time for much more. So hopefully this weekend goes a lot better. It's mother's day so my daughter and I are taking my mom to dinner and maybe go to the beach and do some shopping. Have a great weekend doll.

    --Me And My Mini Me

  6. It is nice to have a normal routine. I've been walking every day and it feels so good!

    I'd love for you to come visit and maybe even sign up for my favorite color swap!