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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Learning to love again

Image MapIn church this past week, our youth led the worship music for the church service. Ya'll, we have some talented folks in our youth. They sang their hearts out, played their instruments beautifully, and praised God for all His love and glory.

Come to find out later from Hunter, an older woman that was sitting behind us made the comment

"What is all this racket nonsense?!"
I'm very glad that I did not hear the comment at the time because I probably would've shown her to the door. I'm grateful Hunter waited to tell me once we had left the church so that I wouldn't show my hiney.
I thought more about it later, just frustrated with the comment, and the audacity of her to judge students, youth, CHILDREN, because the music wasn't just the way she liked it.
Our church is going through, what Hunter and I call, a revolution. There is a change happening in the church. The older generation is struggling to maintain their power and control over the church while it is steadfastly dying with their generation. We are part of this revolution to change the church. We want to welcome any and all folks; I don't care what color your skin is, what you have done, where you have been. All we care about is
where you're going.
After I was done fuming (for the most part), Hunter said something to me that I will forever hold in my soul:
You judging her is no different than her judging the music, or our youth.
Uhm, deep?? Me judging her for her inability to actually put her selfish desires aside to worship a SELFLESS GOD, is no different than her judging the music or our youth. Or the sermon. Or the color of the sky for that matter (ya'll laugh but I'm telling ya, there are some folks who will argue this).
Thanks to Hunter, I realized I cannot judge her. Yes, she still irritated me. But I need to love her. Just as Jesus has called us to.
I need to still love those who spit in my face for my faith. I still need to love those who mock my God. I need to love those who say they are "Christian" but still live a lie.
Because I am NO DIFFERENT. I am just as much of a sinner as they are. And you know, what they do is between them and God. What I do, is between me and God.
So today I challenge ya'll, just as Hunter challenged me (thank you Lord for that man!). I challenge ya'll to LOVE those that make you so mad, you could just spit nails. I challenge you to embrace those who are full of judgment, just as Christ embraced those who judged and condemned Him.
I challenge ya'll to be a part of a revolution to change the world. Start small, in your home or church, and spread outwards. Show people the true reason why Christians do what they do. It's not to judge others, or belittle them for their different faiths or lack of. It's to show the love of Christ as He loved us.

To myself: I pray that I can fully love without restraints. I pray that I am slow to anger, and quick to love those that ruffle my feathers.
To the elderly woman who sat behind us yesterday in the pews of God's house: I pray for you and your heart to be more open to change. I pray that you will someday, maybe not in this lifetime, realize your hurtful words. And lady, I gosh darn it love ya!
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  1. Amen! Our church is going through a "spiritual growth spurt" as well, but we have been so fortunate to have such a supportive older generation who really stands behind our youth and our praise team.
    Hunter was absolutely correct, but I still would have been pretty peeved. God sure knows how to challenge us.
    Have a great day love!!

  2. Great challenge..and challenge accepted. Sometimes it is so hard to wrap around that a sin is a sin and judging is judging, etc. But how amazing is it that regardless what we do God forgives each of us and Loves each of us with a never-ending love. AHHH He is So Amazing!!!

  3. Beautiful! Ok Hunter I see you!! Have you read What's So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey? I LOVE that book and a lot of it kind of reminds me of what you're saying in this post. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Ok but also I would have been SO angry too, no matter how hard I tried, because nobody and I mean NOBODY is allowed to talk smack about my kids! No matter what! Especially when they're trying their hardest. But hey, guess I got some work to do (: