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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shopping for a Caterer for the Reception: Do's & Don'ts

One of the biggest decisions we are having to make for our wedding is food, and what kind of food to serve at that.

Should we serve appetizers and finger foods?

Or rather, should we do buffet style with fried chicken and all the fixin's?
We are in the south...

I will be the first to admit and say -

I can't decide what to do!!!

I can tell you this though, we have started learning some tips and tricks of the trade when it comes to making decisions on food. For all my little party planners, such as myself, I wanted to share these tidbits with ya'll that we have learned as we've continued in this process of planning a wedding:

DO: Have a rough estimate of how many people you think will show. Now add 50 more people to that list. Because if you're getting married in a small town like I am, people will come out of the woodworks that you had no IDEA knew you were getting married.

DON'T: Sweat it. Seriously, because think of it like this: When the food and booze are gone, people will leave. Which means you can start that honeymoon sooner! Hey hey hey!

DO: Take your momma, or your future-husband's momma, or some other alpha female to help you work that vendor for a deal. Two alpha females + lonely vendor = one heck of a deal ya'll.

DON'T: Let your momma, or your future-husband's momma, or that other alpha female dictate to you what you will and will not have. This is yours and your fiance's wedding, amIright??

DO: Have a budget in mind.

DON'T: Go in there saying, "Oh whatever is fine!" Because whatever will give that vendor the cue to run with your money.

DO: Enjoy this whole process! This is your big day! If you're like me, you have dreamed of this day for a long time. If you're REALLY like me, then you've had it planned secretly with the help of Pinterest, and that's why you were able to put all the big details to rest in just 2 weeks of being engaged... Honey, if you're reading this I'm not crazy; just prepared...

DON'T: Tell your fiance that you've had all the details ready to go for months. You'll freak the poor thing out... Only kidding!

This is Hunter's look when he thinks "You're crazier than sprayed roach crazy"

I hope these tips have been more than helpful and will save your nerves from being shot with frustration.

What are some tips you can share?


  1. Girl I am dying! HA! This is great!! I am proud of you for standing your ground!

  2. These are good do's and don'ts! I am working on this right now and originally I was calling lots of vendors being like "ohh I don't know I have this many people and don't want to spend a lot of money"... and you're right- they came up with these "best packages" that are A MILLION DOLLARS!!! Good luck! Do you know what food you're having? We want BBQ bc it's cheap and who doesn't like that?