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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Looking back and moving forward

**Most of these pictures are older (before blogging time) so I do apologize for poor quality. Home girl didn't know she'd be blogging and would need good pics down the road #badblogger
I'm always finding new things that I love! Whether it's something as big as meeting with caterers for our wedding, or a new app... New things are always exciting.
Thanks to Mia and Kelli, they have reminded me to embrace all those things that I love.
In the month of June, I was absolutely loving my vacation time away from work to be in North Carolina with my youth kids doing mission work.

I always know how to be goofy
In the month of June, bathing suits were my loves. Maybe not necessarily purchasing any (Lord knows I have one too many), but just being able to wear those suckers around the pool.
In the month of June, Hunter and I were able to meet with a caterer and that was just uber exciting. It just reminded us that the big day is growing so close. Weeee!!
And finally, in the month of June, I was loving all the time spent with friends and family. There really isn't enough time in the day to be with these amazing people in my life.
With all of those wonderful things that happened in June, I can't help but be hopeful for July. July is my birth month afterall! Anne has always shown me how to be positive and encouraging for a new day.
Hey hey hey hey
In the month of July, I hope to have all the minor (yet frustrating) details of our wedding done. We just want to be able to sit back and relax the rest of our engagement.
In the month of July, I hope to drink lots of frozen strawberry margaritas because, duh, it's my birth month. And because I'm so certain that I was Hispanic in a past life.
In the month of July, I hope for some amazing trips to the local beaches here. #floridagirl

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  1. I love this, Kelly! So do you do youth ministry? And oh man I know how much work planning a wedding is! I got married last October and as fun as it was, I was so glad when it was over and I could just relax. Hope you get to do that very soon! Good luck with planning!

    And you're hilarious...yes....margaritas! I had to get one on Monday! I was born in Florida so I consider myself part Floridian :-p

  2. Yes! I love July, bring on the hot temps and beach days! Margaritas are a summer must, and happy birth month!!!

  3. Yaas strawberry margaritas and birthday month!!!

  4. Birthday months call for margaritas for sure! I hope that you are soon able to relax a little bit and enjoy your engagement, you 2 are so cute! Thanks for joining us dear :)

  5. Love those pictures! I hope July brings you much laughter, many memories, and loads of margaritas!

  6. Oooh I want to lay by a pool in a swimsuit...! Do LOTS MORE of that for me! =) Margaritas are an absolute must - throw a little passion fruit in one and say hello to perfection! I wish you a wonderful July celebrating your birthday and getting loads of things crossed off the wedding list. Prepare to be amazed at how relaxed you will feel the moment you wake up after your wedding and you realize you have *nothing* to do!

  7. I just love how grateful and thankful you are about everything. This sis a fantastic post.

    --Me And My Mini Me