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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Wishes + Slap in the face momento

Image MapYa'll... I'm not sure if you're aware of it. But it's hot. I'm talking hotter than hell hot. Satan's coming to our neck of the woods to get a good burn because it's so dang hot.

Want to know something else? Our A/C broke. Yep, that wonderful little bit of glory decided to quit working Monday afternoon/evening as Hunter and I were sweating our buttocks off trying to get things ready for the realtor to look over our house to sell in October. That was a run on sentence and made me hot.

We were laying in bed Monday night, after having successfully organized our "wedding room" (this will be discussed in further deets next week), and I honestly could not sleep. Now for those who know me personally know that I am a very cold-natured person; I long to be in the sunshine and direct heat; heat is mi amigo.

Not Monday night. Monday night I was irritable. You know you're irritable when you're adoring and sweet husband-to-be simply drapes his hand kindly over you're hand and all I scream is,

"Get your hand off of me! It's making me hot!!"
Yes, I ashamedly had sunk that low.
It was while I was laying there, sweating, and wondering how low I could crank glory A/C down before it exploded, that I realized I was being a self-centered, spoiled rotten, no good brat. I was being a brat.
After turning that thought over in my head and realizing my sinful ways, I couldn't help but tell Hunter about these thoughts. It's like God has a way of wiggling in that thought of,
"There are folks out there without a roof over their heads, Kelly. There are folks without a bed to even lay on, Kelly."
I realized then that I needed to be more grateful for this fact, and not complain about the A/C being out inconveniently when most folks don't even have that luxury. Once I realized this, I immediately wished and hoped that folks who also have these undeserving luxuries, like me, will appreciate what they do have. And learn to work with what is inconveniently not working at the time.
Thank you, God, for reminding me of my blessings. More importantly, thank you for reminding me what it's like to eat crow.



  1. Annnnd then you go to Walmart and buy 50 fans :)

    Hope you got your AC fixed...or went and stayed at ya momma's house!

  2. We have ALL had days like that. At least you realized pretty quickly that lesson - not too much time wasted being cranky! :) I hope the A/C is back on and if not, that the air has cooled a bit. Sending you cool juju thoughts!!

  3. Haha! Crow is good with a little salt and deep fried! Kidding. I hate it when the Hubs is right. Our AC went out two years ago in July right before my birthday and right after the warranty went out. Talk about $1000 we didn't want to spend...oh and our house was on the market. Must be something about that!!! Anyway, the Hubs AC is out in his car now and well, all I can say is thank God for windows and 40mph speed limits! I hope it cools down for you soon!!! Count your could be much worse! (speaking to myself as well)

  4. Ohhhh girlllaahhh no AC IN FLORIDA?!?!? I can't handle the heat, I get sooo crabby. And my hair sticks to my skin. It's all so disgusting. I just, I am praying for you haha!

  5. Girl, I hope you get your A/C fixed soon!! My A/C went out 3 months after I bought my house - 4 years ago. It sucked. I feel your pain. :-(

  6. I get so irritable when I am hot, especially when I 'm trying to sleep. This will help keep my inner beast in check! Thank you!

  7. I have to remind myself this all the time when I'm super hungry and don't get to eat exactly when I want to. Some people are hungry all the time and I am so spoiled!

  8. Omg poor you. There's nothing worse than your A/C breaking when it's incredibly hot. Happy Wednesday, Doll.

    --Me And My Mini Me

  9. Aww, that's still really uncomfortable! I am glad that you're so thankful!

  10. Aw, hope it's all fixed now.

  11. hahaha! Okay I'm laughing only because I do the EXACT same thing when X tries to even TOUCH me if it's 100 degrees outside or right after I've worked out. I do the whole bend and swerve kind of move so that he can't reach me. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this! Hope it's fixed soon!!!!!

  12. Owww! A broken aircon can really be distressing. There are two ways you can take it, though. One is to shake it off and put it through repair and the other is to take it as a wake-up call, which can both work well for you at this point. I hope that it has been fixed by now and that you are in comfort. All the best!

    Harvey Chapman @ Liberty Comfort Systems

  13. What a great lesson for you to learn that day and what a blessing that I read about it today! I needed this lesson myself. Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am. It is even easier to forget when there are little things going wrong or I am a little uncomfortable. I have to remember just how good I have it!

    Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.