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Friday, January 31, 2014


Ok this week was a week of trying my patience and frustrations. BUT, it's always important to find the beauty in trials.

1 Corinthians 10:13
No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, that you may be able to endure it.
Therefore, here's this weeks HFFF!
1. We officially have t.v. and Internet in our home! The hours of trying to find something to do and staring at each other has since passed and we are up and running again with society.
2. If you follow this blog on Instagram, you probably saw a couple of pictures of my office at work. I have been moved into an office with a window.... Shhaaa upppp!!
3. I haven't blown up my house yet. That's always a positive...
4. So there's this...

That was unusual for Florida and seeing everybody get hyped up on the mere chance of snow flurries that would never touch the ground was amusing. It was cold, that's for sure! But it's Florida people, come on. Snow will not stick to the ground. But it was an exciting little change in the atmosphere!
**Note: It was recorded to be back up in the 70's by Saturday. Yes, Florida is that bipolar.

***We had sleet/ice people... Not really snow snow.
5. Last, but certainly not least. Two of the sweetest gals I know are celebrating their birthdays today! I love both of them mucho mucho! Let's wish these lovely ladies a happy birthday and a wonderful day!

Have a fabulous weekend folks!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day

So yesterday was considered a "snow day" for Tallahassee, FL. Granted, we didn't have snow per se... more like sleet and ice BUT it was still pretty cool!

I had to work during my snow day but I was able to take pictures once I got back home. Here's a little snippet of what my snow day looked like...

{All you Northerners can start laughing now...}


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The boy behind the blog

So I saw a post on Eat Drink & Be Mary and I was inspired to create a post about the main man in my life... Thank you for the inspiration!!

Everybody, say hello to Hunter
1. What is your favorite hobby/pastime to do?

My favorite thing to do is hunting and fishing.

2. How did you and Kelly meet?

I don't remember... Just kidding. {He got a slap at this point} In all honesty, I had been hanging out with Kelly's brother at her parent's house and we met that way. I never knew she existed before because she didn't live at home, so I was very surprised when I found out her brother not only had a younger sister but an older sister as well.

3. What is your favorite food?

Anything and everything, I'm not a very picky eater.

4. At your age now, if you could go back to when you were 18 years old and give your 18-year old self some advice, what would it be?

To do better in school. I wish I had had the motivation back then like I do now. Also, I would tell my 18-year old self to keep striving and persevere through all of life's challenges. It's so worth it when you make it past the challenges.

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, I'd like to be some kind of conservationist. I'm currently studying biology and forestry in school, so I'm interested in restoring damaged habitats. I am employed with an environmental consulting firm and I have learned a lot about different methods to restore the environment.
I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about my better half. He makes me smile each and every day :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Liebster

My sweet friend, Ashley from The Grits Blog, nominated me for this lovely award. I'm honored!

The Liebster is an award given by fellow bloggers to new bloggers with a smaller following but a showing for potential growth. The rules are as follows:

(1) Link back to the blogger that nominated you
(2) Answer the 11 questions requested by the nominator
(3) Choose 11 nominees with small followings - variations range from as small as 200 or 2000 {Note: I don't know 11 people with new blogs, sorry folks}
(4) You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
(5) You must let the bloggers know they were nominated

The Questions (posed by Ashley):
1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Let's dream for a moment, shall we? In 5 years I will be 30 years old {oh my gosh!!!}. At the ripe age of 30, I would like to be married with a mini me running around. I would also like to have roots established. Where? I'm not sure, but that's all part of the excitement!

2. What's your favorite makeup brand? Which product in particular?

Cover girl or Clinique for foundation and powder... It's the only brand that doesn't make my skin break out. Other beauty products, I don't really have a favorite. I'm not very particular about the brands of things. If it gets the job done, it gets it done.

3. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Mmm that's a tough question. Both, ha! I love coffee and I love sweet tea. None of that froo-froo stuff folks for the tea; we're in the south. Coffee literally is my drug in the morning. Without it, I'm pretty pathetic.

4. What is your favorite time of the day? Why?

Mid-afternoon. Not sure why, but it is.

5. Do you enjoy partaking in frozen yogurt (or fro yo as I call it)? If so, what's your favorite flavor and topping combination?

Yes!! Many people don't like it, but I love taro. Possibly with coconut flavored froyo mixed in too. With fruit on top. Yum num bum!

6. If you could travel to any place in the world, right now, where would you go?

Honduras. I miss my babies so much right now. I could easily leave now with the clothes on my back and be happy. I love that country and the people I came in contact with. To be even more specific, once I arrived in Honduras I would travel to La Soledad and visit the school. After I stopped by the school to visit with the 45 children that attend school, I would trek my way around the mountains, visiting each family and spending time with them. Part of my heart will always be in those mountains. Finally, I would visit the small church in the mountains that doesn't have running electricity and the praise worship band is a young man playing an acoustic guitar, singing the love songs of God in his native tongue. Talk about a religious movement my friends!

7. Which would you choose great hair or perfect makeup?

Perfect makeup- you can always hide that messy hair with a hat or pulled back.

8. If you had to decide between music or literature which would you pick?

Hmmm both speak volumes to my heart but I would have to say literature. I'm an avid reader and can become so completely lost in the plot of a novel.

9. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one hair product, what would you take?

A brush. I cannot stand knotty hair y'all. Nothing else would be needed... All natural babes.

10. What's your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

Duck Dynasty. Yes, people like them really do exist. My family resembles the Robertson family so closely, it's scary.

11. Who is your favorite author?

Surprisingly, being an avid reader, I don't have a favorite author per se. I like many authors based on their writing styles.

My nomination:

Because I'm new to this blogging world, I haven't made many blogger friends that are newbies. Many of you are established already. However, I instantly thought of one person that I want to show love to. Kate with Peace and Love and Everything in Between. She's one of my dearest friends that I have known for many years and I think the world of her. Love, love, love her. Therefore, my friend, I have nominated you and your new blog for this award!

My Questions for Kate:

1. What was your first impression of me when we met?
2. What is your favorite pastime?
3. What are your plans for the next 5 years?
4. What is one thing you must always have in your purse when you leave the house (excluding keys or phone)?
5. Describe a typical day for you.
6. What is your favorite dessert? (You know I couldn't not ask a question about food!)
7. What is one of your funniest memories you have?
8. Looking back, what is a piece of advice your 25 year old self would tell your 18 year old self about life?
9. What would you want people to always remember you for? In other words, what do you want to be your legacy?
10. What do you like to watch on t.v.?
11. Where is a place on your bucket list that you would like to go to?

The Liebster

Monday, January 27, 2014

What are your goals with this blog?

Mmk, I've given this question a lot of thought since I have been asked this question before. My goals with this blog is basically as simple as it is... I want to blog.

This here blog is basically an inside view into my little corner of the world for my friends and family to keep connected with me. I love hearing my friends or my mom tell me, "I read your blog today!" Or, "Where's your next post?" These little statements make my heart warm and happy because it means that I matter enough in their lives to be a part of it. It's good!

No, I don't plan on quitting my day job and turning this into a business venture. I don't think that's what God is wanting me to do at this point in time; if it changes, I'll eat every word I just said with a smile on my face. But seriously, I admire the ladies and gents that have been able to take off with their blogs and make them a business venture. Honestly, I do! It's just not my cup of tea. I thought I wanted to do that, but then I realized I'd rather put my business skills into something else like starting an organization to provide resources for the hungry,  or homeless, or an organization that provides a safe haven to promote growth and spiritual walks with abused women. That's more of my cup'o joe.

Granted, maybe if I happen to venture into one of those avenues of helping others then this blog can become the voice. Otherwise, I like sharing with you fine folks about my puppy eating the dry wall or the recipe of the week, or even the intimate parts of my heart.

To those who read this blog as their wake-up call in the morning, or the busy mom just getting home from work and stopping in to see what's new. To the friend I inspired to share her own thoughts in her blog. To the friend who asks me (if a post isn't up- ha!) where my post for the day is. To the friend that inspired me to blog my thoughts. To the random strangers that stumbled upon my blog through another blog, and you just keep on coming back.... Thank you for letting me share my lifesong with you.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pasta Salad

Okay, let's talk about this for a minute. I love pasta. I love salads. I love pasta salad.

My sweet friend, Lauren, came over to the house a few days ago for dinner. We were planning on eating hamburgers and I wanted a side other than fries that was somewhat healthy.

I literally sat at my desk and brainstormed of a side that I could create that would be easy peezy, delish, and healthy. Pasta salad came to mind.

Here's what it involved:

Elbow macaroni noodles (I used 1/2 of a box)
Diced tomatoes
Diced cucumbers (very little to no skin)
Diced onions
Light Italian dressing

Mix all the ingredients together and yum yum! I enjoyed the leftovers even more the next day as my lunch! If I had feta cheese on hand, I would've added that in because I LOVE FETA CHEESE! Feta cheese makes the world go 'round folks!



Friday, January 24, 2014


This lovely beauty has made another debut in my mailbox and it was just as exciting as the first one... This feeling never goes away right?!

Let's see what goodies were bestowed upon me this time!

1. Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream- This little bottle of love is designed to smooth and tame frizzies and fly-away's. I honestly haven't had a chance to try this gem out but I'm excited to give it a try!

2. Juara Candlenut Body Creme- Again, haven't had an opportunity to try it out but will give it a shot. My skin is bone dry this winter so I'm very excited that I received this. I've been looking for a nourishing lotion that won't leave my skin feeling icky.

3. Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow- I'm pretty much in love with this tube of goodness. It fits my skin tone perfectly AND it doesn't make my skin break out. Double yay! I may be switching to the full size bottle soon!

4. Ruby Wing Kitten Heels- I love love love this color!!! That is all...

5. Ahmad Tea London, Assorted Teas- I'm going to be honest. The only tea I'm interested in drinking is sweet tea. I live in the south, hellur.... Occasionally, if I get a wild hair in my butt, I'll drink green tea. I'm thinking about saving these little tea bags for my sick days when my throat is killing me and I need hot tea to drink. Is that bad?!

Extra: This box contained inspirational quotes and sayings that you can hang on your mirrors, around the house, anywhere that you might see it and have it brighten your day. I absolutely loved this because I feel like a little compliment and oomph can make the day much better. These will be posted around my office more than likely.

Thank you Birchbox for another wonderful month!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My dog ate my homework...

Well that's not true because we all know I'm not in school. He did, however, eat my dry wall.

Yes people. My dry wall....

Praise be to Jesus though, he didn't eat a hole in the dry wall. But seeing pieces of your paint and wall on the bed from where he chewed it off still isn't comforting. Thank the Lord for Hunter and his handy skills.

With that being said, I'm thinking I will be painting this wall a new color after we've patched up the gnawed area. Maybe a slate grey...?

{image provided by Google}

Yes, it couldn've been so much worse {thank you God for stopping him!} so we're very lucky in that aspect. I just hope this isn't a sign of things to come.......

Moral of the story friends - Enjoy your dry wall while it lasts.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm right where I belong

For quite awhile, I have been praying for God to lead me where he wants me to be in life. Whether it was to travel back to the beautiful country of Honduras, volunteer locally, or take me to the other side of this great nation... I am willing to follow.

I can be so patient impatient when it comes to wanting to know about the future, and what it will hold.

As many of you know, I volunteer/help out/LOVE spending Wednesday nights with our middle school and high school kids. When I tell people this, they tend to give me this look of pity. When I tell them how much I love hanging out with these awkward teens, I get a look of pure insanity. But I don't think you understand... I love these kids! I love seeing what God has in store for them, and where He's going to take them in life, and how I can hopefully help alter their course of life from going down the "normal" path of destruction and show them the "abnormal" path of life through God. It's. Just. Cool.

Hanging with these goofy kids has been fulfilling {and will continue to be as long as they let me stay around... Ha!}, but I have been yearning for more. My heart and soul are thirsty and starved for another task to do. So I've been praying, and thinking, and praying, and wanting... and something fell into my lap last week. I'll get to that in a minute...

Many of you know (either through my blogging or just knowing me personally) that I traveled to Honduras last summer for mission work and fell in love with the people and the country. I will always say, "I left part of my heart in the mountains of that country." I am forever changed by that experience. Funny thing though, because God's a funny kind of thing, I haven't had the burning fierce desire to return to Honduras this summer. Not because I don't want to go back {I'd absolutely love to if all the cards played out right}, but because I have had a gnawing idea that I need to do more locally. I'm talking like a craving that has consumed my every waking thought. Call me funny, but I'm thinking that's God talking...

So back to the "something that fell into my lap last week" deal. My sweet friend Kate (whom I have known for many years) is always involved with different charity/fundraising events. The woman is a force to be reckoned with folks. Last week, she sent me a link to a charity event with our local women's club. I immediately looked further into the local women's club mission and who they are... I don't know... I just couldn't stop my fingers from clicking further into their website. Not going to lie, I was hooked immediately. I want to join the local women's club. They partake in many community projects and charity events and I honestly thought, what better way to connect with people and share the love of Jesus. Granted, I'm not sure if they are faith based, however, that doesn't mean I can't show and share with the people I come in contact with who God is. I'm not talking fire and brimstone {no offense to those who do do that... It's just not my thing}. I'm talking building relationships and friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. In my young years I have learned that you can share the love of Jesus if you love as He did, and not beat people with the Bible... Just saying. Judge me for my opinions if you want.

After researching and making my decision, I asked Kate if she would like to join the club with me. I'm so excited about this opportunity because I truly feel like it was a window opened by God to my prayers. I will continue to pray for more doors and windows to open in my life to be able to share God's love. If the cards fall in place and I can return to Honduras this summer, I will fully jump on that plane. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. God has bigger plans than I'll ever know of.

Moral of the story folks, always keep your eyes on Him and never lose faith. You never know what path He may lead you down, but whatever that path may be, know that it is for a reason. Your existence is for a reason.

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Passion Conference 2014

This past weekend, Hunter and I traveled with some folks from our church to Atlanta, GA to participate in the Passion Conference. Talk about a faith-filled weekend! Passion is basically a large group of people coming together to sing, worship, study, and grow closer to God. I absolutely love each and every person that traveled with us and it was awesome being able to grow closer to them as a person and spiritually.

{This was looking up while sitting in the center of the hotel... Scary!!}

If you or your church is interested in finding out more about the Passion Conference, be sure to check out their website. You won't regret the experience!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crock pot BBQ pork chops

Ohhhh..... Emmmmm..... Geeeee......

This was so good! I was looking for an easy, delish crock pot recipe that involved pork chops. I came across this bit of goodness on the website and I had to try it! Who doesn't like BBQ?? We're in the south people, come on now...

Below is the recipe but my gosh, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Spread a thin layer of barbeque sauce on the bottom of a slow cooker. Alternately layer pork chops with barbeque sauce, pouring the remainder of the bottle over the top of the final layer of chops.
  2. Cook on HIGH setting for 3 to 4 hours, or all day on LOW setting.

**I cooked mine all day on LOW setting and it definitely got the job done. I love my crock pot.

**I'm a horrible, horrible human. I didn't take pictures of my creation! I have a very good excuse though... I was so hungry by the time I got home, that I just couldn't wait. My "b" ya'll :)

Enjoy folks!

Friday, January 17, 2014


Friday Friday Friday FRIDAY!! I think I have a slight obsession of this day... Maybe.

1. Monday, my friend Ashley {y'all know her from The Grits Blog}, came by to see my cluttered home and meet Jep for the first time! It was love at first sight and for Jep, a new face to lick and fingers to bite... We're working on that currently {if anybody has any remedies to help curb puppy chewing on hands - other than the typical verbal reprimanding - I'll take any tips!!}.

2. More unpacking and placing items happened throughout the week. I'm astonished at the amount of stuff we have. It's not natural...

{image provided by Google}

3. Wednesday, as usual, was youth night with our middle school and high schoolers. I had the honor of teaching this Wednesday night and the topic was "Trust - Do you really trust God to depend on Him for all things?" So very appropriate for me in this time of my life... :)

4. On Tuesday and Thursday, Hunter and I cooked/entertained some of our friends. It was so nice having friends over and being able to cook for them. I love to cook for people! If you're reading this, thank you for being a guest in our home!

5. I'm actually off this lovely Friday folks. Some of us from my church and I are headed to the Passion 2014 Conference in Atlanta.... I'm so excited!!! I'll let y'all know how that goes on Monday. Until then, have a lovely weekend friends!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

This. Is. Embarassing...

This is just not acceptable. I mean, look at this mess! I will be unknotting, unhooking, uneverything for days...

On a positive note... this jumbled jewelry has inspired a blog post about it! Hooray!

I needed to find a way to constructively organize my jewelry so that it wouldn't become jumbled and I could see each piece. Going out and spending money on a jewelry holder is just out of the question for me at this time {I'm living on my own, 'member?!}.

I saw this lovely doodad on Pinterest  {below} and just couldn't resist in trying to recreate it:

However, I wanted to change mine up a little bit. Remember that post about the wood pieces?? Well here ya go people...

Isn't it perf?! I just love it! And it'll go nicely in my closet.
Have you had any "straw that broke the camel's back" experiences that ended in something artsy??
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fur baby Updates

Since many of you know that my fur babies are literally like my children, I wanted to keep all you lovely readers informed of the doings in our lives!

Manny is currently living with my parents while we settle into the new home. I'm in the process of having a fence built so that he can have more roaming room and not feel so restricted to the indoors -even though he prefers to be inside on the couch...

I'm absolutely missing his goofy butt! I'm thankful that I've been able to keep myself busy with work, household duties, unpacking, and Jep. Otherwise I would be going stir crazy! Luckily, my parents only live about 25-30 minutes away, so it's not like I can't go see him :)

Jep is adjusting great to the new home! He's loving the long hallway to run back and forth in while simultaneously attacking his many toys along the way. We have a feeling he's going to do great in his hunting skills...
He currently goes to stay with Pop Pop W (Hunter's dad) during the day and works on obedience and training with him. Hunter's dad is a K-9 trainer for the police, so it has been great having him teach Jep obedience. Jep's proudly sitting at command... with treat in hand of course! They're literally two peas in a pod when they're together.
He had a vet visit on Monday and weighs almost 13 pounds at 9 weeks old. This dog is going to be HUGE! Even the vet had to ask, "How big were his parents?!" All in all, he's a healthy pup and is loving life :)
Daisy, my horse, is still around and hanging out. I haven't been able to give her the much needed attention with the move and living a little bit further away. I am considering finding her a good home at this point; my wallet just isn't cut out for owning a horse anymore. She needs a little girl who will love her unconditionally and spoil her with treats!
Tabby, the cat I owned for a couple of years returned to her owner. You may know her... Ashley from The Grits Blog! I'm glad she was able to go back to her and get all the attention she deserves. I'm not going to lie... I'm just not a cat person. Loved the sweet girl but with 2 dogs and a man to care for, she just wasn't getting the love she deserved. Plus, Jep's breed {for obvious reasons} doesn't typically do well with non-canine breeds; in other words, he could have mistaken her for a raccoon... Not good my friends. Not good.
I absolutely love all my fur babies and spoil them as much as I can! If you have a fur baby, don't forget to give them a big hug for being so loyal and loving :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Costco... We meet again...

So remember when I said I wanted to be like the Pioneer Woman and stock up on my groceries in my house, therefore I won't have to grocery shop, because I hate grocery shopping...? Boy that was a long-winded sentence!

Well I went to Costco yesterday after renewing my membership, and let me just tell you, it took all I had to not buy more than what I did.

I bought pastas for days, a few canned goods for days, some fruits and veggies (not a lot since those can go bad quickly sometimes), towels for my guests to dry their lovely bodies on when they visit me... I had a ball! I think I surprised Hunter with all this food ha!

And if you've ever been into Costco, you know that words like some and few don't go hand in hand. Let me put it this way, I bought enough to last us for several, several meals... And that makes me happy.

Shopping for all these wonderful things did make me realize one thing though:

I want to grow a garden!
I'm talking a vegetable garden with some herbs. It would have squash, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, all the herbs I love to cook with... I mean why would I not grow a garden?! Lucky for me, Hunter used to work with the local research station in Quincy, FL where they specialized in horticulture. His career now also involves environmental work so I'm thinking I've got my own personal gardener! Am I right?! Oh Hunter.....

With that being said, who's coming to my house for dinner?!

               {This was just midway through my shopping trip}

Monday, January 13, 2014

It was moving weekend!

As many of you may know, this past weekend was moving weekend for Hunter and I. Man oh man, with the weather we had... It was quite amusing. We were able to enlist the help of my parents for the move in and I am forever grateful for their help. Could you imagine me trying to help lift a king size bed?! Uh no.

The morning of Saturday started off as any other - lazily mulling around. Once we had a good hearty breakfast in us (thanks to chef Hunter), we got to work.

    {isn't he just a hard worker?! Man, exhausts me just looking at him}
The day consisted of working through the torrential down pours that were moving through the northeast Florida region. With time, and patience, we managed to have 2 cars and an enclosed trailer loaded to the max.
Saturday afternoon and Sunday after church, we've been unpacking, finding nooks and crannies to place things in, and make this house a home. Sunday afternoon, Hunter's mom and sister took us shopping for our first grocery run. Thank you so much!! I learned while grocery shopping that Hunter is a lover of milk. We bought TWO gallons of milk and his mom informed me that he'll be through those 2 gallons in just 2 days easy. We should really consider purchasing a couple of dairy cows if he's going to be drinking milk at that rate...
All in all, it was a great, productive, tiring weekend. I don't have pics to show simply because I was too busy to snap pics ha! But I do have a series coming soon that will give you folks a fine grand tour of our home. I can't wait to show ya'll! Until then...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This was one of our dishes that mom and I made during the championship game earlier in the week. It was quite delish!


1 package of cream cheese
1/2 cup of any flavor of buffalo sauce (we usually do medium)
1/2 cup of Ranch dressing
1/2 cup of grated cheddar cheese
2 cooked chicken breasts

Whatcha gotta do is...

Combine all the ingredients in a dish, then cook for 20 minutes in the oven on 350 degrees. Once it has cooked, enjoy with some chips or crackers. Yum yum!

{image provided by Google}

Friday, January 10, 2014


It's that time again! Beautiful Friday... How I love thee?
1. Monday night was the championship game and, sadly, my Tigers didn't do as well as I had hoped. BUT, life does go on people. One great thing about that game though was my sweet friend Jen came over to visit and meet Jep! Loved having her over!
2. With the hustle and bustle of holidays being done and over with, it's back to normal. Which meansss.... I got to see my AWESOME youth kiddies Wednesday night!
3. Thursday I got to have dinner with this gaw-juss gal... LOVE HER!!!

4. and 5. Move, move, move, move, move. This whole week has been a week of prepping, cleaning, packing, and getting ready to move back into my house. I'm so uber excited about this next step!!
I hope ya'll have had a wonderful, warm week!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lookey lookey... What do we have here?!

No lie... I squealed for a solid 30 seconds when I saw my first Birchbox in the mail. It was like Christmas had come again! After catching my breath and ripping open the package, I was able to dive in and see what all the Birchbox elves had sent me.

1. Ghirardelli chocolate - Toffee Crunch
This was a perfect treat for our road trip that we had to Savannah. Even Hunter, who's not a big chocolate/sweets person, said the snack was delish. You know the way to my heart Birchbox, darn you.

2. Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss by Benefit Cosmetics
Mmk, I'm usually OCD about my lip gloss. It's either too pinky, too dark, too goopy... I could go on. This stuff... was great! It was super close to the shade of my lip color, with a slight pink hue, and it felt great on my lips. Not to mention, it tasted yummy! {is that weird?!}

3. Harvey Prince sample perfume - "Hello"
I haven't had a chance to use this little spritzer yet but I can't wait to try it out!

4. Protect & Detangle by Beauty Protector
This little fella made its way into my travel case for our trip to Savannah and I actually love it! Not only did it help detangle my crazy hair-did, but it also kept many of my super fly-aways tamed while we ran around Savannah. The wind was whipping like crazy that day, so this did an awesome job holding down the fort.

Last, but certainly not least...

5. Nail polish - Ruby Wing 
Mmk. I wasn't to hot about this nail polish. It was very pretty and went on nicely. Here's the thing... The glitter particles would snag itself constantly on any form of fabric. I'm going to try putting a clear coat over the glitter polish to see if this will help better seal the deal. Otherwise, I'll be putting it on the back burner for a special, once-in-awhile, get-a-wild-hair-in-my-butt kind of day. Ya never know when those come around here.

All in all, I was very impressed with my first box and I cannot wait for the others to come!

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