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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I don't know about you! But I'm feeling... 26!

The number 26 doesn't ring as nicely as Taylor Swift's 22 song but hey, let's roll with it!

My birthday is this Saturday and I'm turning a whopping age of 26. The last few months, I was having a slight meltdown over the fact that I'm past 25, and that much closer to 30. Not that 30's bad... I just don't know if I'm ready for all this?! (cue crazy eyes emoji)

As the days have gotten much shorter and much closer to my birthday, turning 26 is actually turning out to be quite exciting! 26 is going to be a big year for me - I can just feel it in my bones! I decided to compile a memory/wish/what I want to accomplish list for my 26th year of life.

1: First and foremost, I'm getting married this October. Duh, that's the best part yet of being 26!

2: I'm hoping to have my house in Tallahassee sold ASAP. Yes, I can dream.

3: Hunter and I are moving to Quincy in the spring of 2015 to do ministry work out there and hopefully start a family (eventually).

4: My relationship with God is the strongest it has ever been and it's only getting stronger with each passing day. I think God has some big plans for my little 26 year old self.

5: Okay, honesty moment. I don't want kids right off the bat. I know some people do, and that's yo thang. But not me or Hunter. We want to be married for a little while, get our feet planted, and really be able to experience married life... without little munchkins running around. Don't get me wrong: we both want to be parents so badly. But we both know we need to wait.

6: My baby sister will be turning 16 in my 26th year, and my sister-in-law to be will be turning 16 as well. Oh dear Jesus, save yourselves and get off the roads! My sister and Hunter's (only sister) are 2 months apart in age. Double trouble if you ask me. Or free babysitters... It's a win win.

7: A couple of my (once) big debts will be paid off in my 26th year. It's so awesome finally being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

8: We're planning on and saving up for a mission trip back to Honduras next summer so hopefully that will be done before my next birthday.

9: Ya'll, screw 25. My insurance dropped way more at the age of 26 (well technically a week before turning 26). Holla for a dolla!

10: I think this is going to be the year of babies for some of my friends. I can just feel it in my ovaries... Wait, what?? Ha! See #5 again if you thought I meant for us.

11: In addition to a couple of debts going bye-bye, Hunter and I have set up payoff goals for our first year of marriage. I'm excited to tackle these goals and hopefully blow those babies out of the water!

12: The Lord willing, this will not be the year of boyfriends for either my sister or my sister-in-law. Sorry girls. Ya'll can't start dating until you're married, it's just the rules. Also, I'm not responsible for anything Hunter says and/or does to your future little boyfriends. I'm just saying....

13: I have 2 brothers that live and work over in Jacksonville. I hope this 26th year of my life comes with good things for them as well. Maybe new jobs or a totally awesome house on the beach for me to visit frequently... Really anything is wonderful!

14: I'm only on 14?? And I'm trying to think of 26 things that will happen in my 26th year of life?? Aye aye aye...

15: I'm hoping that within my 26th year of life, that I will finally gain some stinkin weight! I know some folks are looking at me and saying, "Shut up and stop complaining about that!" Little do you know, issues with gaining weight are almost just as much, if not more, frustrating and pose certain health risks as trying to lose weight.

16: One word: rennovations. I cannot wait to get into the little house in Quincy and start doing some rennovations. I'm weird, I like to do things like that.

17: Okay, I plan on knocking out some of my bucket list items this year. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. Ever since I was very young, I just loved the way it sounds in music. Well, my sweet Hunter decided to take the initiative to talk to a woman in our church who plays the piano to give me some lessons. Yay!!

18: While we're on the kick of bucket lists, I'm 99.9% sure I've convinced Hunter he needs to pick up music again. He used to play the guitar, stopped for a little while, and is wanting to get back into it again. As a matter of fact, he's wanting to pick up the banjo. How stinkin cool?! The couple that plays together, stays together.

19: If you are not a hunter/huntress, just skip this number. In my 26th year of life, I want to kill a dang deer!! Last year's hunt, and the year before that, were not successful at all when it comes to deer. We had our fair share of hogs, but we're out of deer meat. And I'm tired of spending boocoo's of money at the grocery store for meat. Just saying...

20: Ya'll, I had the weirdest dream the other night. I dreamed that I became an aunt. This better not happen in my 26th year of life! Joe, Jordan, Erin, Hannah. Ya'll reading this!?

21: I know I mentioned earlier that I would like to gain some weight, in a healthy way. I also want to get back to being healthy period. For example, I want to get back into running seriously. I'm talking marathons and just running my little heart out.

22: Two words: Deep sea fishing. I've lived in Florida my whole life and never have I ever (oh we're playing that game?? Kidding...) gone deep sea fishing. Friends with boats... I'm looking at you. Make this happen. Mmkthanks.

23: More fishing in general. In my 26th year of life, I want to do more fishing. I love to fish! That's one of my fondest memories: My dad taking me out on a canoe in the lake and we'd fish for hours. Just spending time together like that was so wonderful.

24: Dang 26 has snuck up on me!

25: At the wonderful age of 26 years old, you would think I have master the art of holding my tongue and sugar coating things. Tis I have not... Maybe I'll learn how to do that when I'm 26. Maybe not. I'm not holding my breath on that one.

26: And finally.... In 26 years I have made some amazing memories with fabulous people. That's everybody from family, to friends, to coworkers, to bloggy friends, to the love of my life. I cannot begin to express the blessings ya'll are to me. God has truly given me a wonderful life, and I owe it all to Him.

Here's to 26 years of life, love, and happiness!

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  1. Happy early Birthday! I was 26 when I got married too :)

  2. I love this!! I was super stressed about turning 26 but things have gotten better every year. Ever. year. #19..I had to read it. Obviously I didn't even know "huntress" was a word but I am just loving it. And DANG good for yall for having real payment goals. We should do that too! I want to run a marathon this year too- I"M IN!

  3. Well, a few years ago, when I turned 26 (I'm now 30, eek), I was a bit stressed and thought it was impossible to be turning 26 already. Let me tell ya, after 26, you hit 30 pretty quickly. It's not so bad. Yay for an upcoming birthday for you! You're insurance gets even better as you age. :-) I want to kill a dang deer this year too! The past two seasons have been yucky for me. And I would LOVE to go deep sea fishing! You definitely must do that - since you live in Florida and all. Ha. I've read some things recently where cutting out gluten and doing the Paleo diet can actually help some people gain weight. That type of diet just helps the body get healthy overall. This is a great list and I hope you accomplish all your goals!! :-) Happy early birthday, Kelly!

  4. Happy Early Birthday1 Loved this had me laughing at a few of them. 26 will be amazing, I just know it. After all, you're amazing!

  5. Happy pre-birthday!! Your list is incredible - it's clear you're an outdoorsy kinda chick!! :) I'm totally picturing you sitting on a great big front porch in your wedding dress, looking out at the lake, while Hunter plays the banjo for you and all the deer and fish you guys caught (before you got dressed, obvi) are stacked up next to the firewood. LOVE it!! =D
    I wish you a fantastic year ahead - and may you accomplish many of the things on your list!! 26 will be an awesome year!!

  6. Whoop whoop hunting and fishing!!!

  7. Happy early birthday, girl friend!!!!!!!! I hope you have the most fabulous weekend & that Hunter spoils the crap outta you! ;) I can feel it... this is going to be an amazing year for you!!! XO!!