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Friday, July 11, 2014

It's a beautiful day just to be alive!

Image MapHoly moly ya'll! It's stinkin Friday! I'm so excited to be linking up today with some of my favies in recapping this past week and all the many little adventures we had.

We've had quite the busy week.

ONE: Hunter and I met with a caterer earlier this week and Oh. Em. Geeee!!!! I'm not sharing any details here but you'll just have to stop back by on Monday for me to spill dem beans. Naturally, this good news would do well to go under a #gratefulheartmonday moment.

TWO: Hunter and I also met with a DJ this week and just like the previous deal... I can't spill dem beans right now! I want to keep ya'll thirsting for more, duh. Check back next week to see how that whole deal went down. Just note, this is one of the most stressful deets I've had to deal with. You'll understand more next week.

THREE: Hunter and I (we've been doing of lot of this togetherness lately... Is this real life?!) had dinner with some amazing friends last night.

Hunter has grown up with both of these fine folks almost his entire life. I met Spenser (the girl) through my brother when they were dating eons ago. She is very much like a sister to me and we're all still very close to her. Langley, or Bubba as we affectionately call him, will be one of Hunter's groomsmen. Bubba is also in the military and has been away on training (and will be leaving again soon) so it was so awesome to catch up with them.

FOUR: This past week has brought a lot of changes in our church life and we are more than excited for what is to come in the next few months, and even years, for the small town of Quincy. As things continue to come to light, I will surely keep you fine folks up to speed on the doings in our life. But just continue to pray for us as we step into new beginnings.

FIVE: Looking ahead this weekend, I'm so excited to be traveling to good ole Columbus, GA with my dad and Hunter to spend Saturday with my dad's side of the family. See, we had plans to go to the beach. But then I found out this awesome 90 year old grandma of mine is throwing herself a birthday party (it's my party and I'll cry if I want to). And we had to be there!!

Got any big plans this weekend guys?




  1. So much wedding fun! I look forward to hearing the details!

    Have fun in Columbus!!! Sounds like a great time! Happy birthday to your grandma!

  2. I can't wait to hear the details Mon :) Have so much fun this weekend! We have family coming in and we're going on a float trip tomorrow!

  3. can't wait to hear deets on Monday! I can only imagine what your granny is like, please post pix! haah!!

  4. 90 years old! Thats a good reason for a party! Found you through the bloghop and happy to be your newest follower!

  5. Looks like you guys are plowing through planning. So much fun.
    Have a great trip to Georgia!

  6. You make this wedding planning sound so easy! :-) Can't wait to hear about more details!
    90? That should definitely be a major birthday party!! Happy birthday to her. :-)
    *I'm glad to see that I can comment now.*

  7. Meeting with the caterer is one of the best parts about planning your wedding. Oh and cake tasting. Because cake makes everything fun. Have a fabulous weekend in Georgia!

  8. sounds like a busy but productive and fun week!

    cute blog you have!

  9. whoooo!!! I can't wait til your #gratefulheartmonday post!! I can't take the suspense!

  10. I love hearing about your wedding plans and can't wait for next week's updates!

  11. Can't wait to hear more about your caterer and DJ! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix