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Friday, July 18, 2014

Let's wrap this week up

Hi everybody! Happy happy Friday! For me, it's so nice being back at work. I missed work yesterday due to a lovely stomach bug of some sort... But I'm back at it feeling better than ever!

And of course, ready for my birthdayyyy!!!

In the meantime, I'm linking up with some fabulous ladies on the block to look back on the week and my favorites from this past week.

1: This past Sunday kicked off a great few days of vacation bible school at our church, and it was an interesting bible school because it was designed for folks of all ages. They had the usual stuff for the kids, a group for the youth (our teens), and adult classes. Hunter and I took part in the adult class centered around the "5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman that was led by our good friend (and the one leading our ministry brigade). Ya'll, if you haven't done this with your spouse or significant other.... DO IT! You'll learn a lot about your better half and about yourself.

2: My birthday is tomorrow. Duh.

3: Tonight Hunter and I are helping a good friend of ours move out of her apartment and into a cute little place. I'm so excited for her! And thank the good Lord for a strong man to carry all the furniture. This allows me to bark orders....

4: Because I'm linking up with the sweet Meagan today, I wanted to share a favorite post from this week. I have not had the opportunity yet to try for kids, thus I have not had the chance for heartbreak. When I read about Allyce and her husband's frustration and hope in their situation... I just could feel every emotion through the words. I ended up sharing her story with a friend who is having similar issues. It's amazing what this blog world will bring: you can find commraderie in anything!

5: And finally.... I got muh herr did late Thursday afternoon/evening and I love it!! The pics don't do it justice but it is blonde-ish. Hunter loves his new blonde squeeze! I was just tired of the same old brown so I decided to do something spontaneous and hey... I look good.


All The Joys Friday Favorites
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  1. Happy Birthday Early!!! I love the new hair! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Hope your birthday is AWESOME!!! :) you're adorable.

  3. Love the hair - happy birthday!!!!

  4. okay well for one- I'm obsessed with your hair. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Second of all, you are so sweet to help your friend move! I have always been "that person" to help my friends move and I'm always happy to! Moving is SO not fun and it goes by so much faster with help! :) Have a FABULOUS birthday weekend!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hope you get well soon doll and make a full recovery. Have a fabulous, fun and safe Birthday weekend doll.

    --Me And My MIni Me

  6. Happy Early Birthday! The blonde really looks good!!

  7. Happy Friday! Thabks for linking up, I think I will share that post as well. Thanks for linking up! And happy early birthday!!

  8. Your birthday is tomorrow, which means it was yesterday! Gah, happy birthday lady! I hope you had an AMAZING day!!

  9. your hair looks great and hope you had an awesome birthday!!

  10. oh hey fancy blonde lady!! Love the hair!!!