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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Liebster Award

Every time I'm nominated for an award or appreciation of any kind, I'm beyond humbled, flattered, blushing the whole time, just all smiles at the love given. The good Lord knows I never ever thought I would really impact anybody through this blog.

I merely just thought this little space of the interwebs would be my journal so to speak. And a place for my mom to keep up with my daily doings... Hey mom!

So when I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Sweet, Sassy Southern Belle, I just couldn't contain the excitement. Thank you so much for the love!

There are varying versions of rules for this award but I'm going to stick to 11 random facts about me since SoKo has acquired a few newbies in the last couple of weeks - love all of my new bloggy friends!

1: First and foremost, if you're not aware that I'm getting married in October of this year, you must be under a rock. I honestly think I've beat this topic to death. Oh well... I've still got plenty more where that came from.

2: I have a God-awful fear of spiders. Like if there's a spider in the shower with me, I will jump out of there in my birthday suit, screaming like I'm being murdered which then causes one of my brothers to come running in to check on me, and sees me naked with no care in the world that all my goods are on display. Not that that's ever happened before....

3: I absolutely insist on being outside when and where I can. I work in an office all day, so being in the sunshine just makes me happy happy happy.

4: Yes, those last 3 words above were a Duck Dynasty reference. Don't hate. And if you think that those kinds of folks don't exist, bless your little heart. You just come on down to my neck of the woods to meet my family and you'll have your mind changed in no time.

5: I am the oldest of 4 kids: I have a 23 year old brother, a 20 year old brother, and an almost 16 year old sister. Both of my brothers are biological brothers and my sister is adopted from China. I love her more than my brothers but don't tell them I said that... #joking #loveallmysibs

6: I still live in the town I was born and raised in and I'm not in the least bit ashamed by it. I love that I love my roots and can still be successful and not the typical "oh you never left home to experience life" kind of person. Newsflash, life is what you make it no matter where you are.

7: Hunter (my fiance) and I are youth leaders to middle school and high school kids/teens in our church and we absolutely love it!! Yes, they're weird. But you were weird once too.

8: Sweet tea is my drug.

9: I hunt and fish and still manage to clean up good. I hate the stereotype that hunters/huntresses get - we're not all hicks. Maybe a few, but not all of us.

10: I'm hearing impaired (as well as one of my brothers, our mother and one of her brothers, and my deceased grandfather) and have been since I was born. I wear hearing aids in both ears and have no shame in it at all. It always cracks me up when people feel like they need to talk really slow and loud for me to comprehend! I can hear without the aids, but they just help clarify certain sounds and tones that I have difficulties with. It's a syndrome that runs on my mother's side of the family, and mine and Hunter's children have a 50/50 chance of getting this syndrome. Bring on the batteries!

11: Last but not least, I have been told by many (and I can believe it) that you will know exactly what I'm thinking based on my facial expressions. I have a very hard time hiding my excitement/wonder/irritation. It's something I'm learning how to control, especially when it comes to my irritation face...

I hope ya'll enjoyed these fun little facts about me and do me a favor... Go check out the lovely Sweet, Sassy Southern Belle. She's a hoot and such a sweetheart.

Have a fab weekend and I'll see ya'll Monday! I'll be doing my first (and probably only) fashion post.... Bless my heart, I know.

Just because he's presh to me


  1. Oh I cannot hide how I'm feeling either!! Wear my mood / heart / whatever on my sleeve at all times. I'm also the world's worst liar! :)
    "Life is what you make it no matter where you are" - this is SO true!!!
    Hope you have a fab weekend!

  2. that first picture of you and hunter just made me smiiiile so big!!! <3

    Also I LOVE #6. Well said girl! I hate when people are ashamed to live in their hometown- it's all what you make of it! I've moved around so much and I'm so jealous of people who have this!!

  3. Loved learning more about you Kelly! I wish I knew you in person :) We'd have so much fun!

    You can totally read me by my facial expression as well. I CANNOT hide how I'm feeling!

  4. You're getting married? What?! Haha! Kidding! :-) I hate that hunters/huntresses get that bad rap too! I will gladly pile on the camo and go sit in the woods, and the next day, I'll doll up and go out for a night on the town. It's the southern thing to do. I wish people could read what I'm thinking by my facial expressions - I have a face of stone when it comes to how I feel. I'm a scorpio; can't help it. Lol! So fun getting to know you a bit more! :-)

  5. My mom is hearing impaired, but I say she just has selective hearing, because she ONLY hears what I don't want her to hear. Haha! Love the Duck Dynasty reference!