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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Oh man, we're officially official...

Today I'm stopping by Yes Deer's blog to pay a visit - go say hey!   

Image MapWe've gone and done it ya'll... Hunter and I have gotten a cell phone plan together.

Cue the drums

Totes kidding on the scariness of it all - we're getting married in October, duh. We were going to wait until then to get onto a plan together, but with many factors coming into play at this point in time, we've decided to go ahead and take the leap of faith now.

In all seriousness though, coming together on a cell phone plan made us realize just how close we are to our big day. It's so exciting! As of July 25 (Friday), we will be exactly 3 months away - Eeek! Then we realized how much stuff we will be combining. For example:
  • bills/debts
  • living expenses
  • savings
  • goals
  • finanial payoff plans
I mean the list can go on and on if you think about it. But those are just material things. We're excited to be bringing together our souls and hearts in the unity of marriage. And we would be totes lying if we said we're not excited about the honeymoon. Hey hey hey hey! winks

So to kind of catch everybody up to speed on our progress of wedding planning, especially if you're a newbie SoKo follower (hey!) and for myself too, here's what we have completed for the big day:
  • Wedding venue - booked
  • Reception venue - booked
  • Caterer - booked
  • Wedding photographer - booked
  • Engagement pictures photographer - booked
  • Florist - eh, that's coming soon
  • DJ - booked
  • Dress - have it, need to alter it (I'm wearing my mother's dress)
  • Hunter's outfit - bless his heart...
Is that it? Did I forget something?? Who knows. At this point, if we manage to show up with clothes on, we're way ahead of the game.
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    1. So exciting! Make sure you savour these moments leading up to the wedding! Also, so cute that you are wearing your mom's dress- can't wait to see the photos (I'll try and be patient for a few months!!)
      It's funny how something as little as a cell phone plan can make it all seem so real!

    2. Congrats! What is even more scary is when those bank accounts! Yay for everything getting booked for the wedding...sounds like you are almost ready.

    3. Congrats on getting everything booked, that's hard work! I can't wait to see the pics!

    4. yay for weddings! Don't forget the cake, or is that part of catering? Can't wait to see you in your mom's dress, how sweet. I tried my mom's dress on, and it fit perfect, but she got married in December and it was a long sleeve dress, wasn't going to work for an April wedding :)

    5. New follower from Listed Tuesdays. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! :) I am looking forward to reading more posts.

    6. Eric and I didn't get a cell phone bill together until we'd been married over 2 years.... crazy!
      You're wearing your mother's wedding dress? I love that soooo much! Can't wait to see pictures! October is going to be here before we know it, YAY!

    7. Girl you have gotten SO MUCH done!! That's amazing!! Hunter's outfit "bless his heart" hahah. He will get it and it will be perfect!!! :) I'm soooo excited for you two!

    8. That's an impressive list. Make sure to have fun and enjoy!! I am new here.

    9. So very exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of the big day! Only three months and a few days til that's possible! ;)

    10. You are getting so close! I didn't combine my cell phone with my husband's until we'd been married for 6 months! (We were waiting on my contract to expire, so I could be added to his). Anyway, I can't wait to see your dress!!!!

    11. Oohhh Hunter and his outfit.... you're so close I LOVE IT!!!!

    12. Hey now, a shared cellphone plan is SERIOUS. Lol! I used to work for a cellphone company, and it is a truly a serious commitment. Maybe even more so than marriage ... kidding! Looks like everything is coming together for your wedding! I love that you put "bless his heart" next to your fiance's outfit. :-)

    13. Catching up on comments now....haha :-p I've been so busy lately! But how awesome! We still haven't bc my hubby is on his grandpa's plan that's so cheap. We'll be doing it soon though! Have I told you about the budgeting app we use? It's called Goodbudget. Look it up! It's awesome if you're looking for something to track your expenses together.

    14. Oh my goodness, we got a cellphone plan together while we were dating because mine had expired with my parents and they were like, you're a grown up get a phone plan yourself. Jason said COME ON GIRL. And I was all panicked. But then did it. And we ended up married. So, it's a good omen. :)