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Monday, September 29, 2014

Just a ton of grateful's...

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Today's kind of an icky Monday here in Tallahassee. Definitely made it harder to get up this morning with it still being dark out, the rain falling on the roof, Hunter + 2 big dogs snoring all around me... Glorious life I tell ya. Thanks to Em for making Monday's so much easier to enjoy!
Because I'm still waking up (read: haven't had coffee yet), and because we had quite a busy weekend, a list is what ya'll are getting today. Just roll with it...
  • wonderful girlfriends who made time out of their day Saturday to spend the afternoon with me and celebrating all things wedding.
  • church family who threw us a shower Saturday evening to celebrate us.
  • Auburn football...
  • sleepy, lazy Sundays and praising Jesus from the bed. Some Sundays you've just gotta take the day to rest.
  • Jep and Manny - I love my fur babies
  • pay day is tomorrow. Thank you Jesus.
  • October is 2 days away. Which means it's our wedding month. And Halloween is close. Then Thanksgiving. Then CHRISTMAS!!! I'm getting ahead of myself.
The boys last night during Hocus Pocus
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yea I'm right where I need to be...

Ya'll know that song right? By Gary Allan?
Where when I hear her I can see her
I can smell her sweet perfume
I can feel her skin against me when I sleep
Where I won't miss her I can kiss her
Anytime that I want to
Yeah that's right where I need to be
Yeah that's right where I need to be
Something about his husky voice in this song just makes me swoon. If you haven't heard it, go listen to it! Ya'll are probably wondering why I'm quoting a Gary Allan song today. If you saw on Instagram yesterday, I mentioned a date that Hunter and I would be going on.
Ya'll. It was perfect.
I'm a simple, southern gal so it doesn't take much to please me. We decided to grab some good ole Burger King and head out to the dirt roads. Quincy has tons of beautiful back roads where you can watch the sunset. Not to mention, the temperature was perfect... Fall is finally starting to sort of make a debut here in north Florida!
As we were rolling out that way, clouds started to come in but we didn't let that put a damper in our date. We parked along a field full of cows and dropped the tailgate, ate our dinner, watched the sunset, laughed and talked about life. We talked with the cows... what, ya'll didn't know I can speak cow?
Moooooo..... (I'm channeling my inner Dory)
It was so nice to sit and look back on memories we've made, and to talk about the future. Ya'll, today marks exactly 1 month away from the wedding day... Eeeeek!!!

That really awkward moment when you realize you're eating their family in front of them...

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Those wheels are a'spinnin.

Part of mine and Hunter's passion in life is teenagers. Call us strange, call us weird. But hey, you were weird once too.
We absolutely love conversing with teenagers, spending time with them, ministering to them... It's just an awe inspiring experience when you can help impact the life of an awkward teenager. A lot of our ministry, and those we're trying to reach in Quincy, are and will be teenagers. We figure if we can start young, hopefully this will help change the community as a whole.
I mean, think about it. If you can catch these teenagers before they become adults, you can help influence their behaviors, their attitudes, and their general outlook on life. Granted, we're against some major forces like peer pressure and "nothing to do in a small town" attitude, so we know we've got to work hard.
Hunter and I have had parents approach us asking, "What can I do to ensure that my son/daughter doesn't get into that kind of trouble?" Our answer?
Absolutely nothing.
See, here's the thing parents, you know absolutely nothing. Seriously. Your teenager thinks that your mind is warped and you're so old school that you couldn't possibly understand what they're going through. Trust me, I was there once. Hunter and I fully believe that the only thing that can keep your son/daughter out of trouble are the people they associate themselves with. Granted, we're no experts because we don't have our own teenagers, but when you've spent many hours just sitting and talking to these teenagers because nobody else will, you tend to learn a few things.
For example, Hunter grew up in church. His father was in law enforcement. Hunter did all the "right" things up until he was about 15 years old. Once he turned 15, he started hanging out with a different crowd and he kissed the whole church routine goodbye. In his little 15 year old mind, being part of the partying group was just so cool. And he didn't have a single person to hold him accountable to his faith.
Yes parents, your teenagers are exposed to drinking and drugs at a very young age. Get your head out of the sand.
Where was I going with all of this? Oh yes, teenagers. Hunter has been praying relentlessly for God to open the doors (heck even windows) to opportunities at the local high schools in Quincy. We're trying to find ways to tap into the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) programs, form a community youth group for all high schoolers, pray with the sports teams, anything.
Remember those God moments we talked about?
Hunter had a God moment. This Thursday, he has been asked to come and guest speak at the local private school, his alma mater. He is beyond thrilled about this and is even more thrilled because he has been asked to be a continual presence in this group. God is so good! I know that Hunter will be a great example and friend to these kids.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear Hunter,

Can you believe our wedding day is only 1 month away?! I can hardly contain my excitement on becoming your wife! I cannot begin to even express the excitement, and nerves, and complete fascination that my heart and soul are feeling right now.

You know I'm a writer. I love to write letters, help you with papers, and obviously this blog. You are my biggest supporter of my words. Thank you for encouraging me to keep this blog positive and uplifting for women (and men) around this world (I can dream). Thank you for showing me how to be that person.

I can remember our first date like it was just last night. I can remember the exact outfit you wore, the ride to the movies, the songs you played for me, our long night of just talking and learning more about each other on your tailgate. Hunter, it was that night that I knew I could be myself with you. It was that night that I felt like I had found a long lost friend. Thank you for your genuine kindness and interest in me that night. Thank you for just sitting and talking with me for hours, without trying to make a move. You tried to hold my hand that night, but you moved at my speed. Thank you for that.

When Nene (Hunter's grandmother) was sick, I can remember staying by your side. We had only been "dating" for just a few months so I didn't know how you grieved. I can remember asking you, "Do you want me here or do you need space? I don't know how you work in these situations, so I need you to tell me." You asked me to stay by your side, and so I did. Remember how we would just sit on her front porch for hours and hours on end, without saying anything at all? Just being in each other's presence was enough. I will never forget the moment she passed, and watching your heart break. I would be lying if I said it didn't kill me. But I stayed as strong as I could for you. And I'll continue to do so as we will surely face more heartache in this life together.

Remember that first Auburn football game we went to together? That gorgeous hotel we stayed in? I can remember how your face lit up at the spirit that the small town of Auburn has to offer. It was then that you developed a love for Auburn, much like mine.

I can remember that very morning after St. Patrick's Day you cried to me, in total desparation, for your life to change. You had been out all night, doing your usual routine that you used to do. I remember I stayed home, simply because I was tired and wasn't into that whole scene anymore. I can remember how my heart broke that night for you because you had stumbled in beyond drunk and said things you didn't mean, but my heart rejoiced for you the next morning when you realized you needed to change. God had literally brought you to your knees physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Remember how we started going to church and we were so happy to finally have this change in our own lives and relationship? Remember that one night you slipped back down that slope, were pulled over, and by the grace of God alone, a dear friend (who is a cop) just happened to be working that night, recognized your name when they ran it, and came to pick us up? I will never forget my reaction to his arrival... God had truly sent an angel that night. Do you remember how angry I was at you that next morning? At us? I remember telling you, as I was getting ready for church, that I couldn't do it anymore. It was either all in with Jesus, or nothing at all. You obviously chose Jesus.

Hunter, that day you dropped to your knee to ask me to be your wife, will forever be burned into my memory. I remember I couldn't speak because I was crying and so dadgumit happy! You were so so nervous! It was a beautiful day because just a few hours before you proposed, we had made a public testimony to follow Christ through baptism. God was smiling that day.

I don't know what the next few weeks will bring, or years for that matter. But all I know is that I will have you by my side. I'm still in awe and wonder by God's miraculous plans. You knew I came from a place of darkness, brokenness, and the fear of being in love. You patiently waited for me to open my heart to you, and I am forever grateful for you. I promise to love you with all my heart, soul, and more as Jesus has loved us first. I promise to be your supporting actress with anything in life. I promise to try and not throw temper tantrums when I don't get my way. I promise to share the cookie dough with you. I promise to be the best mother to our children that I can possibly be.

I promise to always hold you accountable for your faith in Jesus, just as I know you will do to me.

Hunter, I love you more than words can say. I pinky promise square times infinity on that.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Blessed Friday

Did this week seem to kinda slow down for ya'll? I mean, in a sense this month has gone by so fast. Correction... my engagement has gone by so fast! But this week, I don't know. It just kind of seemed to lollygag around.
Either way, it's Friday. And I'm a happy happy happy gal.
This week was pretty uneventful for the most part. Had dinner with some friends, fellowshipped with others... All in all, nothing major happened.
And it looks like this weekend is adding up to be about the same. Except for the little fact that... Hunter's suit and the girls' bridesmaid dresses have arrived!!!
::cue celebration emoji::
When we purchased the girls' dresses, we had to do a rush order because apparently it takes eons for the bridesmaid dresses to be shipped. Whodathunk? Anyways, I called this week to just see how things were going nag because ya know, that's what us brides do, and the gal working informed me that they were actually in route to the shop!
Hallalujerrrr God is good!! That's a God moment there ya'll.

So tomorrow, I will be making a short drive to Thomasville, GA to pick up these beauties and taking them to the girls to have altered. In addition, Hunter and I will be going into the suit shop to have his measurements taken for the suit to be altered.

I'm going to have to work reallllyyyy hard to keep my hands off of that boy. Honeymoon, Kelly. Honeymoon!!

I know I'll be blowing up my Instagram feed with all of these lovely happenings so if you want to tag along for the ride, just click on over (you can also find the link to my IG under the welcome pic) and enjoy all the wedding festivities.

And these pics below are for "just because" my bearded man decided to have a photo-op with my phone...

Happy weekending friends!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's in those moments...

It's so easy for us to become consumed by the negative things in this world. I mean just look around: family and friends are sick and dying, wars are raging, inequality causes unrest, bills are piling higher and higher and you feel like you're drowning. It's a never-ending vicious cycle with bleak endings nowhere in sight.
And then you have have those moments. It's those moments that remind you that God is in fact still present. Amidst all the bad, there is still beauty and hope in a dark world. I like to call these moments "God moments." Here, let me give you some examples of my personal God moments...
Last Friday, I was in the last 30 minute stretch at work. Watching that clock and all my focus was on the weekend ahead of me. I just couldn't wait to get out! A girl I work with comes around daily to do the trash and housekeeping. Her and I have always just talked about the usual: weather, work, weekend plans. Nothing too deep here right?
Sometimes her young daughters come with her to help and I always love talking Frozen, dresses, and all thing girly with them. The oldest of the 2 informed me she was having her practice this weekend for her talent show at her church. I asked her mom what church they go to and it was as if time stopped. We were able to sit and talk and cry about our spiritual walks with Jesus. I was able to share with her mine and Hunter's ministry plans; she shared with me how Christ saved her life from addiction.
That was a God moment.
Need another example? Just yesterday I was at work and on the phone with Hunter talking about consolidating our bank accounts and trying to get that whole mess straightened out. As I'm talking to him, I'm just pulling up my different student loan accounts to see what the minimum payments will be so that I can be prepared to pay them once I get my paycheck.
As I'm pulling up my largest student loan information ($24k just fyi), I noticed that a large payment was made on my account after I had already paid the minimum payment on it for this month. I'm literally staring and gawking at the $2500 payment that was made. I immediately told Hunter and he was just as speechless.
I called the student loan company, sure that it was all a mistake. The representative assured me over and over again that it was not a mistake, and a payment had been made on the account. After further mulling it over, I realized how and why it was paid. Either way,
that was a God moment.
I have tons and tons of God moments that I could share. I could literally write a book that would never end. If you're reading this and you're thinking, "Well I certainly haven't had a God moment lately." Really? You waking up this morning is a God moment. You're not guaranteed each day, people. Some of you may be saying, "Well I haven't had a God moment because I can't get that job I want, have a baby, pay off my bills, etc."
First and foremost, know that we all are fighting our own battles. So I do not discredit your struggles in any way shape or form. But have you thought that maybe you haven't had this God moment yet because God is wanting you to learn patience? Have you ever thought that maybe He actually does know what He's doing and will provide accordingly in due time? And have you ever considered the fact that maybe you haven't fully given it all over to Him?
Trust me, I know the feelings #struggleisreal. I used to be the most impatient person out there. I couldn't stand that all my friends were graduating college before me, getting married when I had ended an engagement, or having babies when I had just started my relationship with my soon-to-be husband. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. But can I just say this? Once I fully, and I mean fully (not saying oh I trust Him but in the back of my mind I'm still dwelling on it) gave it all over to God, it was amazing!!! Did everything I ever wanted happen right then and there? Nope, but I sure as hell wasn't worried about it anymore.
Stop trying to force those God moments and just let it be. Because if/when those moments do come, ohhhh man. It's a beautiful beautiful thing my friend.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm sexaayyy and I know it...

Have ya'll noticed anything different 'round these parts? No, you haven't? Have you considered getting glasses?
Just kidding... Maybe. But! SoKo Blog has gotten a facelift by none other than yours truly! Isn't it great? I just love the vintage look. So my style, ya'll.
I've added some new categories to the right hand side of your screen so feel free to check those out. The Welborn's is anything and everything that has to do with us whether it's wedding, relationship stuff, whatevs. Our Home will be anything from DIY's to (hopefully) the journey of us moving out to Quincy and establishing our new home there. And finally, Faith is all about my awesome Jesus.
Feel free to click around, check it out, go see Ashley and request to have your blog redesigned. It's uber fun I tell ya!
On a different note, is it feeling like Fall weather where ya'll are at? Please tell me it is because it definitely is not feeling like scarves, boots, leggings, and PSL's down here. My deoderant has packed its bags and left for cooler weather because it's so dang tired of trying to keep my sweating to a minimum.
Was that TMI? Oh well...
I was listening to the radio this morning and the radio DJ's were commenting how excited they were that today is only a high of.... 88!! And I'm sitting there all like...
I just can't help but feel sorry for some people. You're excited that the high today is only going to be 88 degrees and you're carrying on about Fall weather and how it's here? Bless....
Hope ya'll have a fabulous Tuesday!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Wedding: All the Pretty Flowers!

Image MapNow would ya'll look at that? I've got more wedding stuff! What can I say... I've got lots to share I guess?

This past Saturday, Hunter and I visited a local floral shop to go over flowers that we are wanting for our wedding and, of course, other details (read: costs). Can I just say, this floral shop is adorable? And Edna is precious??

She was so helpful in guiding us through the flower process. This is mine and Hunter's first rodeo when it comes to this whole wedding thang... What can I say? When I first talked to Edna, I told her of our main flower being the sunflower, white gerbera daisies are the secondary flowers, and then we wanted baby's breath for days.

It is a southern wedding, folks, and something about baby's breath and burlap just screams rustic, southern. Can I get an amen?

I decided to share some ideas that we're throwing around for my bouquet, Hunter's and the groomsman's boutonnieres, and the general idea of baby's breath. Bear in mind, I've already made my bridesmaids' bouquets. Both girls requested fake flowers to be able to keep after the ceremony and as a memento. You can find all of these on my Pinterest board.

Just making these decisions with Hunter has only made us that much more excited about the big day coming up. Let's see, we're exactly 1 month and 2 weeks away. Eeeek!!
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wait, you're having a DRY wedding?!

Yep, folks. You read that right. Our wedding will be a dry wedding. For many good reasons (we think) but at the end of the day, the best reason is this:

Because it's OUR wedding.

Let me start this off by saying we did originally plan to have alcohol at our reception. It would only be beer and wine, in galvanized tubs, and what you got is what you got. No special requests, no orders. Sorry, I'm not made of money. And I'll also say this, I have absolutely nothing against a wedding that does serve alcohol. I love a good rum and coke to celebrate the nuptials.

As we began to really sit down in the beginning stages of wedding planning, and hash out the details, we began to realize some things. If you're new around these parts, you'll need to read about our story to start a ministry in Quincy. Moving on, we realized that if we're starting a ministry in Quincy, and we're wanting to be real with people in the fact that we have come a long way from our past, then maybe providing the means for irresponsible people (gasp, those exist??) to get absolutely drunk (because hey, go big or go home right, and it's free) may not be the best starting platform for our ministry.

Call us old-fashioned, call us goody goody, call us Jesus freaks. At the end of the day, we're paying for you to eat and drink, be appreciative of what you're receiving you heathen (I kid, slightly).

Another reason that is pretty obvious, is money. I would so much rather invest the money into really good food and cupcakes rather than beer and wine that you will most surely be urinating and possibly barfing up in just a few short hours. Seriously, barf up the dadgum good fried chicken before you lose the Bud Light. I digress.

Finally, probably one of the best reasons for me, what if a friend or family member drank themselves into a drunk stupor, drove home at the wee hours on these back country roads where the suicidal deer like to play chicken, and died. I know, I'm being slightly melodramatic but it's not far-fetched by any means. We've had that happen to friends and ya'll, I simply could not live with myself knowing that I had helped aid that person into a drunk stupor to only get behind the wheel, and lose their life.

Not happenin' captain.

Like I said earlier, at the end of the day it is our big day and we're standing by the decision we've made. We have received some push back from folks and honestly, I just give them our reasons (which I would like to add that we don't owe anybody reasons) and then inform them if being drunk is much more important to them than celebrating the marriage of 2 people, by all means, go drink your heart out in a bar. You're one less mouth I have to feed buddy.

I  hope this didn't come off as a rant. Just simply a perspective on a subject of our wedding. We honestly cannot wait to celebrate our marriage! Even if it's just us chickens dancing to the beat of Alan Jackson or the Allman Brothers while we sip on our sweet tea, I couldn't ask for anything more. And while I'm at it, I'm going to grab me a nice cold beer to celebrate our decision to have a dry wedding. How do you like them apples, heathens?? Again, I kid (on the heathens thing).

Monday, September 8, 2014

Last Friday Night...

For some reason that Katy Perry song is stuck in my head. Maybe because I'm hoping it was still the weekend, but alas, tis not and it's a beautiful Monday! At least that's what I keep telling myself - ha! 

Did ya'll have a good weekend? Anything exciting happen in ya'lls lives?? Fill me in!

This past weekend, we celebrated my mom's 33rd birthday... Okay maybe not 33rd but we can pretend right? (hi mom!) Anyways, it was a day of pampering for her which basically consisted of her sitting in her pool until she wrinkled up. But hey, that's her idea of a good birthday.

My dad, Hunter, and I all cooked dinner. We watched the Auburn Tigers stomp San Jose State. All in all, it was a good day.

On this Monday, I'm grateful for birthdays. I'm grateful to have been able to celebrate another year of life with my mother. Hunter and I have been learning in our premarital counseling that you typically become like your parents. Bless Hunter's heart if I become like my mother....

We're also going to be celebrating Hunter's dad's birthday tomorrow! So lots of birthdays all around. Yay for life, right?

Happy Monday folks!
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Day Has Come

::drum roll::

The day has finally arrived.

I can hardly believe it.

::drum roll::

Today is the day.... Jep is getting fixed!!!!

Our little wild, 10-month old, escapee-from-the-pen is being neutered today. Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing this blessed day upon us. Let's knock some of that testosterone outta that kid.

In other news...
+ We found Hunter a suit! Once it comes in and he can try it on for altering, I shall share some pitchas.
+ I bought an adorable bird cage from Hobby Lobby yesterday. It's for the wedding, duh.
+ We're starting to get RSVP's back from sending out wedding invites... I literally squeal every time and share with Hunter who all is coming.
+ Muscadine grapes are in... and I'm in heaven. Totally makes me think of this song every time...
You ever been to
Rome Georgia
Picked peaches off the trees
Climbed the water tower in Paris Tennessee
Been to Florence Alabama
Drank muscadine wine
Just give me a chance to change your mind
So before you go and fly away girl
Let me show you 'round a country boy's world

+ My dress is pretty much ready to go (just putting on some last minute buttons) and it is exactly how I envisioned!!

+ Hunter sent this to me the other day to cheer me up...
Be still my heart

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Did you know...

Image MapWe are exactly 1 month and 23 days from our wedding day?! It's not like I'm counting or anything...

Did ya'll have a good weekend? I sure did! I always love having that Monday off because on Sunday nights, I'm so used to thinking "Oh man, I've got work tomorrow." But not this past Sunday night! Holla! Because I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things, I wanted to share a few of our....


Ya'll, enjoy these as much as Hunter and I have! Fun fact: The barn and fields in some of these pics is our reception location. Yep, we're that cool.


Just a few more weeks then I'm Mrs. W!