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Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello, Friday

I know I'm saying this every single Friday but, ya'll seriously, the world's spinning faster. Maybe it's because so stinkin much has happened this week. I'm going to try to keep this at 5... I can't make any promises though.

1: First and foremost, Thursday I gave the signed paperwork to my realtor to allow her the rights to show my house for rental purposes (we'll get to selling later - that's a whole blog post all on its own). To back up some and hang on tight because it's about to get bumpy, Hunter and I had planned on moving out of our house end of December and move in with mom and dad for a few short months until we could get into the house in Quincy. After talking to my parents, they have offered to let us move back in now to save money, put the house up for rent now, then move to Quincy in May.

Ya'll still with me?

SO basically, Hunter and I are moving back home with my parents from August to the end of April, while my house is being rented out, and we can be in Quincy in May. All is peachy keen happy.

Back to the getting the signed paperwork to my realtor part. So I sent that to her and no less than 2 hours later, she texted me saying she's showing my house THIS AFTERNOON to an interested renter. She hadn't even stuck this house up on the interwebs because she is coming by my house today to take pictures!! I 'bout fell out ya'll when she texted me that. Thank goodness I didn't because I was currently holding an adorbs sweater on sale in Kohl's. Lord knows I didn't wanna pass out, bust my head, and bleed all over that cute sweater.

Yes, I bought the sweater. It was only $8, what fool wouldn't?!

Sorry for the rambling. In a nutshell, Hunter and I have to be completely moved out of our house in less than a week. I'm stressed. To the max. So if I don't respond to texts/emails/calls/snap chats... I'm busy lifting boxes and furniture.

2: To add to the stress of getting things moved out, but it's actually much needed, Hunter and I are going to the beach this weekend. Heellluuurrrrrrr sand in my pants! Gosh I cannot wait to have a margarita. Or a few. Don't judge me, I'm moving.

3: In case ya'll missed it, Hunter and I are officially offish. I know, whoa!

4: Today is one of my absolute dearest friends birthday!! Too bad I don't have Facebook anymore or my old pictures (they're on the laptop) because I would be pulling out the good ole pics of this sweet gal. Love you Kate and hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

5: This morning before work, I had this hot breakfast date. He was just mmm so delish, and the Chick-fil-A was pretty good too. Just take a look at this fella... Don't tell Hunter about this guy, ok?

Yes, that's Hunter with Manny

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  1. Yay for some upcoming beach and margaritas relaxation! Happy Friday!

  2. Good luck on the move! I hope to get a little beach time in this weekend too!

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of your plate! You'll manage and get through it. Best wishes!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Girl, that is AMAZING! I hope the renter decides to GO FOR IT! ;) good luck w/ the move...and YUM, now I want Chickfila...but what else is new?! ;)

  5. Good luck with everything girl! Good thing you are headed to the beach :)

  6. Aww that pup! Adorable! Have fun at the beach! Have a margarita for me!!! I'm jealous!

  7. Good luck to renting out your house! I know anything to do with realty/renting is stressful. And I'm jealous you live close to the beach. Have fun!! Drink a margarita in the sand for me! Manny is just presh! :-)

  8. I had Chic-fil-a for breakfast today too! Good luck with the move. I know how stressful that can be. Get plenty of margarita time in and moving will be a breeze. Have a happy weekend!

  9. You are hilarious. Fave quote: "What fool wouldn't?!" haha! So exciting about your house showing asap!

  10. Hooray on your house showing so quickly! And I'm right there with you on the moving stress, girl...4 weeks and we're moving countries....EEK. Sooooo much to get done. Gotta stay focused....somehow! Haha!

  11. wait moved out in one week??? I just started panicking for you and couldn't finish the post- GOOD LUCK GIRL!! yall got this!